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My 42 yo wife seems to b sz been a month


Dropped off some things she was afraid of me and didn’t want to come out but she decided to quickly come take the items and go back in .No release yet so can’t find out what’s happening at all I’m gonna have someone else visit and try to trick her into signing a release so I can help her get out .I pray that works .I ended hearing an hospital staff saying that I was hear to see "the one who thought her family was coming in a spaceshipthis is 3rd day in and not sure if they’ve started any meds but the psychosis has obviously continued to go in the wrong direction .I wish I knew what’s going on This is so overwhelming she so out of touch with reality still weekend in the hospital seem to be below par care
I almost think they have no plan yet and Are gonna start on Monday but being that as her husband no one can speak to me I just don’t know .As for me I’m learning little breathing technique to stop my crying before it get out of control sucks because I take the train into city everyday and one moment of thinking her and the water works begin so that’s where I am learning how not to cry so much try to wait till I’m home but not too successful so far I like being home because I can just let it all out


You’re right that weekends (and holidays) are staffed differently.

I am glad you taught yourself a breathing technique to help you get through your days and glad you can let out your tears go when you are in the right place.

I hope you are able to get the insurance taken care of.

Your idea about injectable medication is right on. The doctors will probably move towards this considering her history; I hope you get to go in there and advocate for her to get these shots. They have to start with oral meds to make sure the medication is effective, then the shots.

I am wondering whether you mean you are really trying to get her out or just say that to get the signature on a release?

Because the hospital is not a wonderful place, but it is most likely the best place for someone who is very ill.

Best to you


No I will not make any attempts to get her released just to watch her suffer again been there done that and it was definitely wrong of me I know that now
There no possibility of me helping her in this condition we must get psychosis under control so we can begin our lives again My favorite person in the world thinks I will hurt her everyone she looks at me definitely doesn’t leave options but I just want to advocate for her and be in the plan moving forward so if it’s manipulation that I need than so be it
But she still in and she’s pretty sharp so I don’t know if it will work .when I asked her outright to sign she said I don’t want you in charge of me and I backed off immediately just hoping she would stay a minute or two more which is all I got but at least I could see her face right .Im not ever gonna take her life for granted that way again psychosis is to far beyond reach for me especially being the one of her fears .on a lighter note the cat has been acting very strange since she’s been gone :hushed:


As she gets better, she’ll probably sign the release.

Explain to her that it doesn’t put you in charge, it just lets you check to see how she’s doing.


Had someone else try to get her to sign and the nurses told her they don’t do that today it would have to wait till tommorow which is really terrible because chance of her remembering to do it tommorow is very slim. Almost had it done but this damn hospital on the weekend is totally ridiculous I don’t get why they make it so hard now I wondering if I should go try to c her tonight so I can maybe remind her to sign the release.he continued to tell him she hated me and need the Feds permission to get out and he would say ok but your husband will be able to help you get out if u sign and she was willing for the purpose of getting out the hospital .I still am struggling to believe that my wife doesn’t have the insight to no she was suffering and need help from doctors it’s so insidious


The two hospitals my son was in had case managers.
The case manager would talk to the patient every day & talk to the family once the release is signed.

Either this person, or the patient advocate, would be who you need to talk to to make sure she’s offered the release to sign again.

Even though they can’t GIVE you information, they can listen and take your request.

My son wouldn’t sign the release the first time he went in. Then, when he wanted my help to get out, he wanted to sign it in the worst way, but wasn’t capable of following through on his own. The case manager handled it for him after I found the right person.

And, when I can’t get someone on the phone, I don’t rely on voice mail.
I start writing long letters and dropping them off - that always gets me a call back.


Yes gonna pop in for a min anyway I just can’t bare not seeing her if even just for a moment and I like letting the staff know she has someone very scary what can happen to them in this mind state and even
Worse is that no one would believe anything they say
And for that reason I really feel the need to keep showing up


Definitely keep showing up at the hospital. Your wife needs you, even if she won’t see you yet. Bringing small gifts is a nice touch. Plus, if she knows that you are there regularly, she might surprise you one time and allow a longer visit.

I’d also ask to speak to her treating physician. He or she might be able to offer more insight into her care. Don’t take no for an answer, even if she hasn’t yet signed a release. (And I didn’t like that comment the nurse made about the spaceship either. Not professional.)

I had to write you because I, too, used to cry on my train commute to or from work when my sz husband was at his worst. It’s horrible to see a spouse suffer. But you have to be strong now. You can do this!


Big hugs brother, when my son was first diagnosed, I would try to schedule my crying over my coffee or in the shower. I would cry at church as soon as the music started. It is tough to hold it in and letting it out it intervals works for me. I’ve always been like this. I remember my Mom telling me when I was young, that some people scream or shout, you cry. It is a normal reaction to sadness. Other wise I think I’m a really strong person.


There are no words to explain how much this sucks
And I don’t me for me as much as I do for her she was just peaking as a person so great to b around most people who Meet her love her .I told her everyday well most days how lucky I was to have her
And I did my best not to take her for granted and now we don’t even no each other I really am praying that I will be able to post one day soon how she’s back to her old self cause this just isn’t right they took her up to 10 mg zyprexa last night but still no response
The manipulation did work though I now have consent to speak to doctor which a great thing so I am happy for that she still very terrified of me and the Feds and a few others who have nothing to do with our existence can’t imagine how hard it is on them to be so afraid all the time must be so exhausting and really sad I’ve never could forget the couple of times that I was afraid for my safety will not ever want that experience for days or months they really deserve better no one should have to live in such fear. How do words just lose all their value and actions for that matter


Zyprexa is a really good drug, but 10 mg isn’t a lot if she’s that psychotic.
They can go up to 25 mg, but they’ll probably take it slow so they don’t overmedicate her.

It was the first anti-psychotic that worked for my son & it held him for 6 or 7 years before it gave out.

You might want to ask them about a mood stabilizer too if she seems manic. That seemed to help my son more than the anti-psychotics at times.


Anecdotally, my family member stabilized from full psychotic break on 10 mg zyprexa once a day.


I should add my son usually needs the highest dosages of everything. The drug he’s on now seems to be the exception.
Maybe that’s because it’s the right one. I can always hope, right?


How about that sarcozine and Ltheane have u guys seen any positive results around your loved ones with theses more natural remedy


I think I can tell a little with Sarcosine and he doesn’t mind taking it. I also give him vitamins and sometimes I’ll find those in his pocket. Hope you have a good day.


I think the right supplements are good, but I don’t think they’d be able to replace the prescription meds for my son.


So the Pdox is adding lithium from tonight she very angry and not responding at all to meds yet I fought for the cat scan and doc made the request but she has not allowed them to do it so don’t know what we can do about that she continue to ask for divorce and tells me to F@@@ Off not sure why it’s not the way I’ve ever known her to act what can I do


It’s hard to relax & let the doctors do their job - I’ve got that issue too. I want to fix things.

Hopefully, they’ll keep trying things until they find the right one. Lithium works wonders for some people. See what it does.


That is a fact… Very Old school med… been around a long time…


Cat scan clear and mostly all is the same just a little less aggressive and the fact that she isn’t running is good but I believe the control environment is doing most of the job as far as not letting the paranoia run her wild the hospitals setting alone keeps that in check she’s definitely still psychotic and still want to divorce me has been so judgmental towards me about everything I’ve ever done wrong and showing up for her is also wrong to her I’m wondering how many weeks went by for the folks who saw zyprexa work when it got to the point where u can say wow this is really working should I not even be expecting less than a month .Im gonna call today and find what’s happening as far as is she really being medicine compliant because on our last trip to hospital I saw her refuse the meds and nurse just went about she did not really care about her skipping the dose I literally had to beg her to come back