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My 42 yo wife seems to b sz been a month


My son gets sick really quick - and he responds to meds, if they’re going to work, really quick.
I’m talking about tiny differences that may be hard to notice, but I can see a change within 48 hours most of the time.
Of course, it takes much longer than that for the meds to be fully effective.

Once Zyprexa no longer worked for him, I would still see some reduction in symptoms in the hospital when they would try giving it to him again - but not like before. I also think it was the hospital setting.

When my son was in the hospital & giving the nurse a hard time about his meds, she smiled and kindly told him he had the right to refuse. I think they do that hoping they will go ahead and take them in time - and so that they don’t feel powerless and more paranoid. I wouldn’t worry about the nurse not caring - I’m sure she does - but they know how to deal with psychotic people. As hard as it is to do, you have to let them do their jobs.

If the Zyprexa doesn’t work in the amount of time the hospital thinks it should work, they will try something else - or add to it. They have a lot of different drugs & drug combinations they can try. It’s good that they’re not sending her home.


She seemed so calm today definitely some effect all she wants is to get out but doesn’t want any help from me as I’m learning from dr Amadour on how to engage I realize why I’ve landed myself in this corner so quickly .Its amazing how wrong of a response a person can have without learning something’s first
I really hope I didn’t blow my chance to be a part of her


…life and recovery .It really sucks that I was caught so off guard by this that I couldn’t be as supportive as I wanted too because of my big mouth


I understand you’re sad- I am a child though of a schizophrenic, and the hardest thing for spouses to do is recognize that this is bigger than you are. You can help, but you will bring yourself and your whole life down by clinging to what you think should be.


I’ve been told that they should see results in medication change in 6 days.


zyprexa is not working it’s been a few weeks they’ve only brought up to 15mg but still all symptoms persist
I don’t know if they should be giving up on this med already because the insurance will meet its limit then the will discharge and no way to work this out without stabilizing first what can I do I know the haldol and more common seem to be more effective fast she had one shot on first day and seemed better than all these weeks do but she was kinda out of it as well wondering if anyone knows individual who live productive lives with job and family on drugs like haldol I’m so desperate to see her stable before they get to the point where they have to release her


By the way her disease still hats me and thinks I’m out to get her I keep showing up only to have my heart crushed but doing my best to be strong and not take it personal her SOB father flew for the week and visited everyday and I think he put the idea of her moving to California in her head and now I’m so afraid she might come out and take off to the other side of the country thinking there is saftey there since she has no idea the illness is in her head I think if she left I would lose my mind


I’m trying to pray and just keep putting one foot in front the other the sadnesss is so draining so afraid to say anything to her so just try to listen with the few minutes per visit .My co dependence is so apparent
I’m considering renting a room out in my place since I’ve lost her full time income but I’m afraid if she does come home will she think the person is an enemy then how would that go but it sure would make my life easier financially don’t know what would make things worse …Sucks when anything can happen based on rational thing that can usually give predictable outcomes


Hi Jason,
I’m sorry things aren’t going better for you and your wife. Does her dad and family live in Calif? So I guess they would get her care out there? There is a chance that if she goes and gets stabalized you can go see her. I know it’s hard to think about. I would suggest that you go see a therapist or social worker. I found it helpful when things got bad w my sz husband. Sometimes just talking about it with someone can help you figure out what you can or should do. You are going through a very stressful time. Take care of yourself, too!:purple_heart:


I also see a counselor to help me through the tough times. It’s really hard to see our loved ones suffer and we all need support and comfort.

Best to you, Jason, and to your wife. I hope they find a way to stabilize the illness.


So sorry Jason, when being rational isn’t a possibility we all feel helpless. Hang in there, make the decisions you need to make for your financial well being.


Thanks for the positive vibes guys ir gals I really need that my sadness can consume me with just a thought of her and what I My never have again with her.Ifs a terrible place to be and it’s not hopeful and I want to be strong and hopeful I convinced the doctor to be more aggressive and get zyprexa up to 25 meg and if it’s doesn’t do anything after few days start switching to haldol I just desperately want her brain to have a break from this torture she is living thru
And why shouldn’t he be as agrresive as possible when all stats show longer psychosis leads to worst and more often relapse in the future so yes I want her knocked on her ass for her own good . I’m very scared about how if she is knocked out to that extant being a beautiful woman that she can be taken advantage of but so much to worry about I can go completely crazy right now I just need her to have a break from the constant fear she lives in I’m thinking I’ll just live As if she isn’t coming back as far as my finances and if she gets better she will understand and if she doesn’t I will be miserable for a longtime anyway so I might as well get my thing in order as best as I can so hard to lose a best friend and so lonely losing a lover but worst of all is not being able to do my part losing my place as her husband is brutal call me codependent but I really loved being her husband and she can’t recall that I didn’t take that granted .anyway that’s my last cry for today and I live to fight another hope everyone has betters days ahead with there loved one and hope u never take it for granted .my prayers and most positives to u all Gnite


Hi Jason, Just a small reassurance, the duration of untreated psychosis they’re talking about is usually measured in months and years, not days and weeks. Though I’m sure that the faster treatment works, the better.


Exactly right, here and here.


Thank yo so much that is what I’ve been so worried about hopefully something works soon zyprexa definitely doesn’t seem too have any effect on the psycosis


Hi Jason. Zyprexa didn’t do much for our son either, but I’m also not 100 percent sure he was actually digesting the pills on many occasions. Even nurses can get tricked by patients “cheeking” their meds (hiding their meds in their cheeks). Do you have any suspicions that she may not be swallowing the pills?


It’s possible because she definitely does not know she is ill and I’m sure the nurses don’t really care they complain about demanding she is evertime I’m there which is daily


Been asking doc to use haldol injections to put her to sleep for long periods this way she can have some sort of break in a few days if the increased dosage doesn’t work he said he will try


OK that sounds like a good plan. My son just started injections a couple weeks ago. Even if the meds don’t work, at least we can know they were ingested. It removes that variable.


They have now added Wellbutrin but I thought I read somewhere that anti depressants don’t mix well with zyprexa anyone else know about that