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On last hope

First and foremost… I LOVE MY WIFE! Over the past 3 years, i have been accused of so many different things that i have never imagined. I have been arrested for things i have not done, i have been put out of home for things that have been imagined. When they start, items in home will disappear, (hiding them) accusation start, depression sets in or becomes more noticeable, Have actually been accused and almost divorced on adultery grounds because i put the toilet seat down. Severe Mood Swings, very verbally abusive, and even to point of slight physical abusive. But when its over, i am the rock, the etc etc and so thankful i can tolerate this yet refuses to admit a problem exist. Could this be SZ. Love can only endure so much. I hope i can possibly get some clue as to where to start and possibly convince her to get assistance. I cannot withstand much more of this.

Sounds more like a bipolar disorder than sz. There’s some overlap and the possibility of schizoaffective disorder. The bright side is that the prognosis for bpd and sza is a bit better than sz. Only a mental health professional can tell you for sure.

I would say the first thing is to get her to a doctor!
You havent said if shes ever been diagnosed, or any medication?

You sound very understanding and kind.

If I were in that situation I would definitely find help for my wife but from what you’ve already experienced if she refused help I would think practically of my life and the quality of it.

I hate sounding cruel but their are some that wish they could walk away from a really bad situation dealing with family that is mentally unstable.

Finding that she was seeing a doctor prior to our relationship beginning, Was taking WelButrin only. Seems when she actually opens up and tells the truth and they come close to diagnosis, she bails and comes up with thousands of excuses to stop going.

It is not in me just to walk away. While it does seem that out of thin air issues are being created to run me off, most have proven useful and i am thanked afterwards with the loving tender caring wife i fell in love with and married. But the episodes are becoming more frequent and intense again. Not going to put either my safety or freedom at risk again no matter how much i love her!

Recieved text from her today accusing me of having others… and when returning home, various items in house hidden or gone completely yet again as if i am going to take them or do something with them. How does anyone get to this thought process and state of mind unprovoked?? I just ignore it mostly and go about daily business as if it does not exist.

She sounds totally paranoid.

I was like that and I thought were out to get me and I really believed it.

I believe the nature of my illness is chemical because when I have paranoid delusions I also have pressure on my forehead that physical and I can actually feel it like headache and sometimes I do get a headache.

That’s why people that are really mentally imbalanced need medication you know if it’s not just a mood.

Unfortunately one of the hardest things for a person to do is admit to themselves that they really are I’ll.

It took me 20yrs and that’s 20yrs lost.

What I would do is have a intervention with her friends, coworkers and family because they may have seen symptoms also.

If nothing else look up other people’s posts on here and other sites that are similar to your situation with the paranoia and irrationality then show them to her.

And say " look that’s just like you" I didn’t fully accept it until I saw people with the same delusions I have and acceptance changed my life

Then again some chick’s are just like that.

I had a girlfriend that always thought that I was cheating and she was pretty sane.

Do not ignore this. It may help to give her a choice-like she can either see a doctor, or you will be staying somewhere else.
Sounds like some kind of mental disease-but I can`t diagnose. Either way, I would not want to be living in that kind of situation unless the person was ill and could be helped. She may even be using drugs.