My dad had a stroke


My dad had a stroke on monday this week. He has difficulties walking and bad motor skills in his hand. He is only 57 years old. It is scary that he got it so young. We talked for an hour yesterday. He says he is okay, but I don’t belive him. He is worried but doesn’t want us kids to be worried about him. He only has us kids, mom and dad divorced 20 years ago.


I am very sorry that your father is going through this, comatose. You and your brothers and sisters got the responsibility of taking care of him now. It’s lots of work.


People can recover from a stroke. I knew once one older religious man whose heart had been operated two times. His life style in his early years had caused his heart problems. Eventually, however, his condition went so bad and every step he took caused him extreme pain. He died in 2008 at the age of 72. I am sorry that you have this problem now. One of my childhood friends had a apoplexy when he was still in this 30s. He died to it in 2011 at the age of 39. Very young people can have also strokes.


Sorry to hear about that comatose, please God he will get back to good health soon.


Sorry about your dad. Keeping him in my thoughts and hoping he will have a speedy recovery.


Thank you all. Hopefully he gets to go home today. He is a truck driver. Now he is not allowed to drive at all. That means he will be unemployed. I hope he will recover soon. Then maybe he can drive again in some months.


I am really sorry to hear of this. I hope he can find a stroke rehabilitation program and recover quickly.


My grandad had major strokes starting at the age of 48 he had stroke rehabilitation and that helped him to carry on walking (with the aid of a stick) until I was 13 when he had to go into a wheelchair after another stroke he was 76 then. People can make a good adjustment to their mobility issues through physio etc, maybe help him look at programs if it hasn’t been offered? It’s not a life sentence, strokes are simply awful and I’m sorry you are going through this, maybe say he doesn’t have to be brave for you kids that you’re there to help, it’s not a life sentence but he’ll need support as physio isn’t easy and he may need encouragement to do the exercises etc.

You are in my thoughts and keep talking, you’re not alone!

Go steady,


I am sorry for your Dad and your family. I hope he recovers quickly and has access to good physical therapy. I have seen people recover from strokes. It’s not impossible. I hope the best for you all.

Sending good wishes.


I am sorry to hear this about your Dad. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery.


Im sorry to hear that. As long as he gets in with a good doctor you shouldnt worry too much. But I understand how hard it is not to worry.


Thankfully, he sounds like he can recover. It wasn’t debilitating like my Moms, which left her unable to function hardly at all, leading eventually to her death. I know 2 people who have had strokes and recovered. One, my step-mom at age 65 even went back to work a few months after her stroke.


Thank you for your replies. I hope he recovers quickly. Doctors say he will recover. :slight_smile:


Try not to stress about it. I’m sorry that that happened to your dad.


Prayers to you and your familyXXX


really sorry that happened to your dad, stay strong.
take care


My condolences. But, like kidsister said, he can recover and gain functioning back through physical therapy. It might take time, but it’s worth it.

Sending healing prayers your way.




I hope your fatherskes a speedy recovery


i am so sorry to hear about your dad…this can be such a shock to the family…i wish him a full recovery…hang tough…


I hope you take care of yourself more after this,your dad need you kids for all kind of support