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My daughter isn't making sense

My daughter has schizaphrenia it’s been two years today she isn’t making sense when she is talking and her short term memory is not here I’m afraid her meds are not working now what do I do she won’t change meds or do a higher dose I’m at a loss and so worried


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She is 22 and we’re live in Ohio she currently it’s working three days a week and going to college two days I think it might be too much for her but she doesn’t listen

Can you contact the doctor and set up an appointment for your daughter?

Yes I’m going to try to since she is of age I don’t have much say she is not doing well in college right now either

it is a good that she is working and going to College. many with this illness do not do much.
if you have guardianship on her, it may help to enforce the med change.

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I don’t have guardianship it’s very expensive just for meds and doctors there is no hello in my town and no support groups she is not doing well in school this semester at all I don’t think she is taking her meds as hard as I try to make sure she does does this ever get better… I feel on edge all the time in fear of what’s going to happen next

I’m so sorry I’m new to this illness and I’m not sure what to expect

Guardianship costs herein my State about $2500. I know the cost is high. but it will help also in dealing with the financial accounts for your daughter, like dealing with your her creditors and bank accounts and student loans and investment funds if any.
The other you can do it by contacting the involuntarily mental treatment officer for so he can file a court order in your city. it is free. Tell the involuntarily mental treatment officer that your daughter is delusional and you think she can be a danger to herself or others. they will help you. Contact the police in your city and they will help you.
they can usually get a court order within a week after you meet with the officer. Someone will need to serve her, so you must not say anything while you are doing all this, otherwise if your daughter knows what you are up, she will find a way to escape.

I understand the way you feel. I have not been able to control my son. I have been paying a family friend to keep an eye on him in California. I also traveled there myself and could not talk to him. he was hostile toward me and left the city, but I kept tracking him until he is now finally in the hospital. he became a danger to himself and others. Someone found him and reported him and I am glad he is in Hospital. Now, I am trying to Conserve him through the Hospital.

Good luck to you and your daughter.

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May i ask why it makes it worse she really wanted to go but if failing now

Thank you and you as well

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In my state, the only cost was $75. I am using it this week with PayPal. This is the second time in three years that I have had to send my papers to close an account my son opened. He used his play station and somehow went past the securities I thought I had my IT person add. The computer is gone but he is still trying to buy things off the internet. This is always a fight if I engage. I try my best to walk away or not add fuel but sometime just standing firm is all it takes to make him mad.

the $75.00 is for what? guardianship or Power of Attorney?

The court costs for guardianship.

I had to hire a lawyer. you probably did not by yourself.
I only have 90 days guardianship and my son is now in a Hospital in California miles and miles away from. the process server has not be able to serve him with legal paper for the final guardianship hearing due to Hospital protocol.
if I cannot serve him prior to November, I am not sure what to do. I cannot pay any longer…
any suggestions…

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I meant you did the guardianship without lawyer help, correct?

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I went to the court house and did a MIW, his doctor suggested I get guardianship and I went and talked to the county attorney and filled out more paper work. He was hospitalized when he was served and was assigned an attorney. His court date he was still hospitalized and his attorney came. We did not get an attorney because I was told it wasn’t necessary. Don’t remember who. It was hard to testify against your own child and I told the persons in the jury that. I told them he refused to take medicine and how many times he had been hospitalized. My husband was not asked to testify but he was asked a couple of questions and agreed that he would be secondary guardian.