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My daughter toni. and she needs help

my daughter got thrown out of apt today, and she got violent, putholes inthewalls, sawed the hot water pipe off, rewired the fire alarm and never cleaned up her apt. and also threatened toburn down the apt. so police got her out, and put her on a park yard, i can have her move in, there is to much going in my life and there is no room. no one from mental health willhelp her, once again the privacy act, she wont sign it and let anyone help her… i think she is sucidual , is life really worth living for this much pain. for her and my family to watch her go down the tubes, … im really exhausted watching her do all this

Im so sorry to hear your pain , i hate hate this disease , it is a curse ! How much suffering everyone has to go through ! one day at a time , sometimes its one hour at a time . If you believe that Your daughter is suicidal then you should call 211 and have her baker acted .