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My hands are tied

I really hate this dz. My son was doing so good while he was on his meds. He went off his meds for some reason and now we’re back to square one. Recently he blocked the family from calling or texting him. I went to his apartment to check on him and his apartment was a mess, his clothes were filthy, and hi bedroom smelled like urine. It broke my heart. I keep trying to get him to take his meds but he doesn’t listen to me. It’s almost like I’m his enemy. I hate to see him like this but i don’t know what else to do. My hands are tied.

@Believing, I’m feeling overwhelmed these days too and wish I could be involved with a NAMI Family to Family class but we don’t have one in our area.

One of the most helpful parts of this class is the problem solving section. The fact is “ every problem we have is loaded with an emotional punch which can be traumatic, frightening or sad. These emotional issues are just as crucial for us to resolve.”

The trick with problem solving is to brainstorm and get as many people involved as possible. Family members, counsellors, friends etc., to find a way to a possible remedy. Recently I spoke with a friend who had a friend with a family member with a brain injury from an accident. One year later he is in psychosis and will not allow contact with any family member so they asked someone in the community where he lives and they believe that he may trust to go talk with him and see if he can help. That person then became the target of his paranoia so it did not work. Luckily there was a warrant for his arrest for some minor crime so now they are hoping he can get into hospital for treatment.

I hope you can find a class in your area but if not it’s worth the travel to take one. It’s so helpful just to be in the class with others and it really does address all of our emotional needs as well.

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Theres really nothing you can do until he gets to the point of being forced into hospital. It breaks my heart too to see how my son lives… yet he thinks nothing is wrong with him. There is just no answers, unfortunately.

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