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My heart is breaking into pieces

My partner tried to hang himself in the shed last night. The cord broke and he fell hurting his elbow and knocking himself out. I don’t know what to do… What if the kids had walked in the shed… I’m so down, scared and worried. I love him so much but he has taken his love away, he won’t let me touch him. His love was the one thing that made me strong enough to deal with his Sz but now he has withdrawn from me the last week getting worse every day , I can’t cope with out the love. I feel so down and alone . I’m finding I’m functioning less and less. I didn’t even want to get the kids ready for School but did. It would have been so easy to just to turn around and go back to bed. The thought of losing him is unbearable , the thought of him dying is wordless. My eldest daughter couldn’t sleep last night in fear of finding him in the shed, she went through a suicide when she was 4. It’s to much for us and without the love I don’t think I can cope anymore.
Please, I need a miracle

Omg maybe you should talk to your family doctor. They may recommend some medication that may help or possibly put him in the hospital for a little while he will have a break to relax and will not be able to hurt himself there. You should do something phone a crisis line and they will help before he tries again. Maybe a support group would be good for him also. At the hospital there are people there to help you with resources if you are low income they can help you get free food or clothes to make your life easier.

I am praying for you and your family. My son pushes me away and doesn’t want me to touch him when he starts slipping back. Is there a crisis team you can call in your area? Your partner really needs to be hospitalized right now for his own good.

Its not because your partner doesn’t love you please remember that. He is just going through a very very difficult time right now.

Call someone for help in your area. This is too much for you and your children to handle on your own. There are many caring people out there who can assist.

Oh my god! I am soooo sorry for you! I don’t even know what to say except may God keep you and your family safe and warm with his embrace! Again, so sorry!

Stay calm and withstand the hardship of going through a crisis on your own because your partner is no longer that usual one due to the psychotic episode, and for a while you won’t have the support of him. On the contrary you have to support him by sending him to a hospital.
Definitely call a crisis support line for help.

at first talk to experts and take him to the advice is : clozapine 3*100mg immediately, you must sedate him until his episode ends and clozapine is a good sedative, even talk with him and tell him that you will not let him suffer even to the point of using morphine to relax him.

Try getting him into psych hospital. Or get him some good medication. Try Largactil in syrup form. Its a good anti psychotic which totally relaxes you. Make sure you get it in syrup form (not tablets as they can be sickening)

As for yourself, try getting yourself a break of some sorts.

Well we are at the doctors now, I’m waiting in the car park as he won’t let me in. I feel really uncomfortable that I’m not involved, I feel like I’m putting my and my children’s lives on the line and have no knowledge or control of what is happening to us. I hope I am making the right decision blind. Please just pray for us.

I hope they gave him the help he needs! My prayers are with your entire family.

I’m so sorry, but so glad the rope broke. But I also think that you should try to have him go to hospital for a while.

this was a cry of desperation,he truly needs help along with your family…contact your medical doctor or hospital as quickly as possible…sending you strength…and many blessings

The doctors have changed his meds and organized therapist. They also said that they wanted him to go in to the hospital but he refused and said that he would leave me before he would go to the hospital. I’m losing more and more strength.

Tell him u know hes scared of himself but so many ppl love him and make plans to do something very relaxing tomorrow tell him if he kills himself u will want to kill urself then the kids wont have either of us. (Even though u wont just say it. Might stop him from doing it) do u go to church? Try going to church w the family tomorrow its Wednesday. … tell him u will call the doctor tomorrow to talk about new meds. (Make sure u tell them he tried to kill himself) they will help u. ( when I told my doctor that I was being suicidal they opened the place for me to come in asap & I got new meds). Hope this helps . Godbless

There is such thing as invuluntary. Where they make you? Thats what they did to me?

Why didn’t they hospitalize him involuntarily? He’s a danger to himself. They hospitalized me too involuntarily.

Sending lots of prayers !!!

I’m not sure why they didn’t do involuntary. He started new meds last night and atm he is working around the house fixing things, that’s a good sign as he has been in bed for weeks.

@silwhSzm How are things now? I’m hoping that the med change turned things around for the two of you.

I pray you are ok.i pray he will accept care

Hi guys :-), change of meds not really having an effect just yet, they have slowed him down but that’s about it. My disorder has been playing up a bit under the stress , which I have tried to hide from him. Was successful until today when he saw some of the cuts. Upset him alot which in turn upset me as I hate to see him hurt. On the other side of the coin every hard bit we go through with this we seem to gain more strength and a deeper love. We refuse to abandon each other and try to always give love. Not always on the target but I only have to look into his eyes to know the truth. Also two days ago he surprised me and dropped onto his knee and proposed :slight_smile: I said yes Ofcorse. Ours is a hard road and sometimes the defeat is strong but the loves seems to win.