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My toxic husband

Well… I think you need anew husband who can care for you.When men behave like this it is really annoying and make women sick.Their behavior is always changing and they just pretend to be loyal to you.How can they do something like this to their own women who they love.Divorce is only option to get men like these out of your life and sight.Some women who hire divorce lawyer always make sure to get expenses for bill and kids from their husbands.Divorce lawyer long beach have been getting women their rights and are very helpful divorce attorney.People who have been getting divorced does not need to get worry as some divorce cases won’t last more than 12 months.

Do you really want your child growing up around your current husband? Do you want your child to learn that its ok to lie and cheat? I’d kick his ass to the curve ASAP. You’ve given him more than enough chances. You must consider what’s best for your person health and the health of your children. And it sounds like he’s a VERY BAD role model for your children.

Plus, it sounds as if he’s your primary trigger. Do you really want your children to think of you as a crazy just because your cheating, pedophile husband constantly triggers your illness?

Plus, how can you trust him with your children? He’s a pedophile, how do you know he doesn’t touch them inappropriately or rape them when you’re not around?

I did not know that you were married @katwomansz - I was in an abusive marriage - believe it or not I wanted to stick it out, wanted for us to see a marriage counselor etc…
The marriage made me psychotic - its never healthy to remain in an abusive marriage - not trying to tell you what to do though.

My marriage ended in divorce and I am glad that I dont have to be her victim any longer - but looking back at it all, its never easy leaving an abusive marriage

Thank you to all. For some reason I am stronger now.
Having a pdoc visit on April 29. Since our son is grown and starting on his own, I can work on unraveling from my husband.
I paid every penny for the home and I want to live there and retire in another 10 years. I don’t think he would even say anything about it.
He should live with his mother who will be needing help, so that is my exit plan for him.
I may not divorce him because he would lose my health insurance. But I think he gets Medicare at 65 in 3 years and a small social security.
Then I can start phase 3 of my life.