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New Dr told my son he doesn’t need his meds

My son has been home for 5 weeks after being in a residential treatment facility for over 6 months dx with schizophrenia. He is delusional even with meds but he is calm and not manic.

It took the dr.s over 6 months to find the right meds and now after seeing my son twice this new doctor told him he doesnt need the meds. All because my son told her he lied about hearing voices. I am so angry right now.
My son has been med compliant since returning home but this is a huge setback.
He has anosognosia so having his doctor tell him he doesn’t need meds scares me.
I am going to try and find a different doctor but insurance has limitations for our area.
Has anyone else found themselves in this position?

If I were you, I would find a new psychiatrist ASAP. Get one that agrees with the hospital’s discharge plan for meds. Hopefully, you can get him back on the program before any progress made in the hospital is undone.

So challenging. I’d there any way the Dr who created thr discharge plan Can call the New Dr? Is thr new Dr a psychiatrist? It would be surprising if he actually told him he did not need his medications. Is there any way you can talk with the Dr to see if this was really said? Did your son sign a release?

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I would be angry too, six months worth of work to get his meds straight and now advice to not take meds? Oh gosh. I hope you can sort this out. I know from NAMI meetings that other parents have been in this situation but as we rarely meet the same people in the support groups later down the line, I’m not sure how things were resolved in those cases.