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Now I'm sad

I was also angry when he told me those things…

A couple of years ago me and my daughter were at a fast food place having lunch. A very distinguished couple were sitting at the next table and kept looking at my daughter and making comments. I couldn’t hear what they said but I knew they were looking at her and commenting about her. Because of the meds she is on she has gained a tremendous amount of weight and a lot of people will look, however I thought this couple was extremely rude staring at her and obviously making comments. When I knew they were looking, I took both of my daughter’s hands and kissed them and then I looked straight at them without any emotions. They quickly became embarrassed and looked away. I think they got the point.

Good job!! People can be really rude and they don’t know how much they can hurt with their words and bad comments. You must be proud of you, Molly.