Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden speaks about his schizophrenic brother Jeffrey

Just want to share this with you. Even senators have family members with schizophrenia. I hope the Senator will take his powerful position and push for more research.


One of our state reps (Cree Deeds, Virginia) had a son with a serious mental illness.
They had a crisis and couldn’t get him a bed.

Soon after, like the same or next day, the boy tried to kill his father and he did manage to kill himself.
It was a very sad situation, but they have worked to make some changes in our state since that tragedy happened.

MI doesn’t discriminate.

You never want to wish something this bad on anyone, but in my dark moments, I get really angry about all the attention autism gets. I know those parents have it rough too, but I still think psychosis is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you, and I include alzheimer’s & dementia in that spectrum.

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