Paliperidone and alcohol


We heard totally new sounds coming from his place the other day. The sounds were so loud we could hear them in our house. We sat outside in the dark listening trying to figure out what he was doing. Loud pops intermittently kept occurring. We changed for a better view to make sure there weren’t any flashes accompanying the pops, there weren’t. We could see him pacing around so we knew he was not hurt.

A couple of days later in the garbage we found a bag of broken dishes.

Note to other people setting up their loved ones in their own space - plastic dishes and glasses would probably be best.


For years I had what I called “a one plate policy” LOL
I kid you not… One Plate, one bowl, one glass, each for the three of us and NO MORE in the cabinet…

It worked for broken dishes and piling up of dirty dishes.

I have relaxed that policy slowly as they are better conforming… Did the paper thing to for a short time as I kept my bowl/plate/glass in my room… LOL very funny stuff here and you cant just make this stuff up for sure…


Paper plates and thanks for the heads up. Big hugs To you especially at the time.


Thanks so much Mom2, I have felt a lot better since his doctor said that Jeb’s life has purpose. He said while he thinks Jeb’s life would be easier on meds, he doesn’t believe Jeb qualifies for court ordered meds. Since I have written down a quote in my notes that I read somewhere in my reading -about a life with purpose, I feel better and it really helps keep my husband calm to know the doctor has weighed in on the subject - its not just my conclusions.

Here it is in part - “having routine and purpose, and satisfaction in one’s life defines recovery”.


His meds are not adequate. My son was on a CTO. It worked extremely well. But obviously the meds worked for him. He has no breakthrough symptoms. Your son has too many symptoms still. He needs his meds changing or increasing, I believe.


Thanks Hatty, he’s now on aripiprazole 15mg a day early days so far.


It does take a while. The first couple of years my son was on and off meds. Once they effectively forced him to take the depot for six months even he could see the difference in himself. After a year he was much better with no symptoms except a little social withdrawal and avolition. Now (two years later), he’s getting much more sociable and even his motivation is increasing. I pray it continues.