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Pediatric Neuropsychological Exam

Son is scheduled for the end of March. I’ve heard that it last for about 5-6 hours, and is geared to limit stress and be as positive as is possible. Our will include more tests than this.

One link I found so far, and seems to have the most information.
I’ve heard from other parents on fb as to what they experienced. Only 1 out of the dozen who responded said that they felt it was a waste of time.

It DOES have cost that your insurance will not cover.
Let me know if this link does not work…I’m not tech savy!


I read the linked booklet.
I’ve never heard of neuropsychology before. The neuro part is dubious IMHO. They are no MDs involved in the assessment. Did your son’s psychiatrist refer you?
That said, it does seem worthwhile. Assuming it’s affordable.
Let us know how it goes.

This is just a link I found which has the basic info.

Our pdoc is through UCI Medical Center…he said the exam can be handled by different agencies, etc. but MUST be a Pediatric Psychologist. We were referred to Dr. Christy Hom, who is also at UCI.

I do know that part of the exam/evaluation is covered by our insurance. Additional testing is not, but is recommended.

They’ve been pushing for it for years.
Perhaps it’s with the younger ones who are dx? There are other parents who have gone through the same. Some have had the pdocs ask for MRI’s as well.

We’ll see…it’s set up and scheduled now. I’ve been a little hesitant in the past when they asked for this. I can’t find anything directly from UCI website about it, but she will be sending paperwork soon, I can pass that information along.

We did have testing through the school system. THAT was interesting. I truly question those answers as the method of collecting data was more than a little loose, and highly subject to interpretation or bias.

Oh! P.S…

This is the same location for the NAMI f2f meetings. I haven’t started yet, but will at the next meet. (I didn’t feel well the night of the last session.)

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What is UCI?
It sounds like you have done your research. I think it will be worthwhile. I’m naturally a skeptic and have some knowledge gained from being a medical reporter, and from my own experiences as a MS patient. But this testing sounds good! Go for it!

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Main hospital here…as I understand it, their mental health center is one of the main ones here.

Thank you. This sounds similar to the testing the “school psy” did with daughter (20 yr old never Spec Ed dx). Thinking if not the same, very similar. Was the basis for services request and evaluation to determine if there was a need. Info is also being used in conjunction with a questionnaire (also mentioned in your article link) we will fill out so school can develop the IEP.
Sooo? Maybe we’ve already stumbled into this? Unknowingly…
Thanks again for the info.:innocent:

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I had a neuropsych eval done on my son when he was 16, to rule out learning disabilities in hopes of helping him succeed more at school. It was very comprehensive, done by a child psychologist who was very good. It was expensive and insurance didn’t cover it for us. I was able to introduce this report as information when my son had a second episode of psychosis and was arrested and charged with assault. I think it helped, along with the volumes of other documentation I have amassed.
The eval showed that he didn’t have any obvious learning disabilities but it did show problems with concentration and follow through that were perhaps indicative of ADD- Inattentive type. He was able to get into an independent study program and did graduate from high school, although not without a lot of gyrating on our parts- different school, different program- outdoor leadership learning school helped him get through it. I think it is a valuable tool despite the out of pocket cost.

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It was an independent study program for his junior year through the homeschool department of the high school. It had a classroom but a lot of learning was done independently. He had a contract with his teacher each week and they outlined his work and he was allowed to do it however he wanted, He could listen to music, for example, or work alone in a back room. It worked really well for him and he completed most of his sophomore and junior year requirements (he was deficient because of poor test scores and school suspensions for pot use).
His senior year he was accepted at an outdoor environmental leadership training program in a nearby school district with alternative learning options for high school credit. He also did really well there and graduated with his class in 2014. It was that summer that his pot use really increased, though, and he began his downhill slide into the illness. We didn’t realize it was so serious until he had his first episode of psychosis the following April.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to advocate for him at this time. I know some families aren’t able to do much of that for their person. It’s on my gratitude list, for sure.