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Slow eating is when you try to eat slowly. Slow eating is a form of mindful eating. It is relaxing, it is self-soothing, it is self-indulgent. You take your time. You put the utensils down in between the bites. You look around and sip wine as you go. You enjoy a good view and good company.

Slow Emotional Eating (SEE), to coin a term, is when you make a conscious choice to eat to cope and you incorporate the slow-eating-know-how. Typically, stress eating is rushed. You feel like you can’t wait to relax so you inhale whatever is in front of you and then you are done. But you don’t feel done – you ate too fast. Maybe you feel a little better, but you want more time with this pacifier. And that’s where slow eating naturally comes in. The following is a list of slow emotional eating suggestions to leverage the most coping per calorie:


I totally agree.

I consciously try to do it myself. I try to be aware of how I eat.

For some this may seem inconsequential.

Yet we are feeding our bodies and minds.

Other than that I guess it is pretty obvious, the more one chews the food the more likely it will be digested and absorbed efficiently- a bigger surface area compared to the volume.

Best wishes.