Psychology Today - 8 Situations When You Should Keep Your Mouth Shut

There are many situations where it’s extremely difficult not to respond to someone, like when a person has just pushed your buttons. But in tense, problematic circumstances it never makes much sense to respond— to react—impulsively. What’s needed is a moment or two to reflect on whether your instant reaction, if expressed, will make things better—or, more likely, worse.
Following are 8 instances in which you’d be a lot better off not responding (at least not right away) to provocations, despite the clear temptation to do so.

I think I need to work a bit on 1 and 2 :smile:

I need to work on not rising to the bait and not hurting people’s feelings. I like this. I need to remind myself when to keep my mouth shut.

Love this list! I think I need to work on number 5–not retaliating when someone has attacked you. I usually don’t take a lot of flack from someone without giving it right back to them. Logically, this only worsens the situation.

Great experience to self-evaluate your behaviors. Thanks for posting!



good article - just shared it on my Facebook page - hoping my son will look at it, lol!

lol I didn’t even think about my son when posting. If it’s not gaming related…

Yeah-I think this would be a great tool for me and my son!