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Residential treatment center?

My son who has been in the hospital for about 30 days now and finally making some positive progress is being considered to be sent to a residential treatment center. This is the first of heard of this and don’t know to much about it. Does anyone have any good or bad comments or opinions on this? Thanks


I have not had any personal experience with a residential treatment center but I am so glad to hear that you are finally seeing some positive progress that is really good news. I think (from what I have read) that the residential treatment center is a longer term care program and I am really glad you have that opportunity for your loved one…so many do not have it available to them…I think it is a good thing…to continue care and good progress…I found this explanation on Wikipedia for what it’s worth…overall the more consistent and consecutive professional care you can get the better in most cases.

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Thanks Catherine, nothing’s in stone yet but the link you shared was very informative. Prayers for all.

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I have had this bookmarked for a couple of years since my family member was diagnosed:

It just kind of gives an idea of what’s around if a family has won the lottery or lives in a state where one of these is located and their insurance covers it…

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My son has been in more than one RTF (residential treatment center). I suggest you try to become involved in the process and visit the ones they are considering. He was in one that was well run, and he made good progress there. He was in another that I didn’t feel great about, but at the time we had no other option, and - it ended rather badly.

I looked at a few others that were much better, but, since they ARE much better, there is always a waiting list.

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