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Response to patty - caregiver burnout


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Hi patty. My three things - (1) quiet time in front of my trees where I allow all real feelings to come out - crying, whining, whatever, i get it out. Then I focus on one thing I am really grateful for that day. (2) something to make me smile - anything. (3) yoga and some hand wts first thing in the a.m. I am, like many, in a position where I cannot just take off and I am overdo! Is there by chance a really scenic spot of nature nearby to just take a walk or sit with coffee for half an hour? It is really tough he does not want to get out. Maybe he has a place of interest?


Yes, thanks everyone for your response…I decoupage my planter pots yesterday and turned on the water fountain. Today I might add some color to my pots ect. and sit outside and enjoy the view . I will try to make it point to sit outside 1x a day and drink coffee and enjoy the scenery and maybe put in some exercise in my routine. Love this sight and thanks everyone for being there for me…!