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I wanted to kill myself too

Depression is easily recognized as a symptom of caregiver burnout.

Do yourself a favor and save a bit of money and hire a caregiver for a couple days and enjoy your life

Yeah people get sick …
People die
But try and focus on the nice things in life today for yourself
Because the people that love you want you to be okay…
This rings true to me and as I type this
I attempting to tell myself this.
I’m going to make time for myself today and focus on the things I enjoy and love

Make small changes in your life if you can
Change your diet
Exercise more
Go out to group events and socialize more
I know you caregivers love isolation!
But going out into the community is going to pull you out of that depression a bit!
Save money for a music festival and go enjoy yourself and give yourself a break!
You know deep down inside you can plan something if you put the focus and intentive time to do so…
Hire some help!
Create a support system!
Have caregivers on dial!
Negotiate with yourself and with people!
This post is for me mainly
But for caregivers as well in my situation of isolation


@TheSunshineMaras: Sorry to hear it, we are here for you. It sounds like you feel intense sadness.


Hi @TheSunshineMaras, strangely enough my son shed 20 lbs in the last year (although he originally gained with Zyprexa). And, well, I’ve GAINED about 15 lbs. My metabolism was always high and I was always pretty much skin and bones, (partly genetic and partly because I used to exercise everyday).

I slacked off the the last couple of years. It is so very hard to get back on track, because my mind has to be just right. It’s a vicious cycle because the weight gain has me more depressed.

Great advice @TheSunshineMaras. Keep caring for her the best you can, and make time for yourself too. She has no one else. :hugs: