Having caregiver burnout!


Everything has been real calm in our house but I get cabin fever being in the house. I went to the bookstore for an 1 hour and told my son if he needs me to call me and I will head back . My son did not want to go out with us and hasn’t really wanted to go out unless it is to buy something lately. I really don’t want to go too far because he has stopped his meds and shots will eventually wear out… I have been gardening a little and that really helps me out a lot and I call it my therapy!!! How does everybody deal with caregiver burnout?


Good for you pattywagon. Its important that you help keep your own sanity by maintaining other interests. You need to de-stress.


Maybe you could find someone you trust to stay with your son and call you if anything goes wrong? You definitely need a little down time. I suggest therapy for everyone, but I do think it is a wonderful thing. I wish my Mom would go. I think that the fact that I was so sick for so many years caused her to get a little depressed. If you are worried about your son, he can sit in the waiting room. I’m pretty sure the women behind the desk know what to do if his meds suddenly wear off. They have probably seen all that and more.


It kills me to say this sometimes, but my kid sis of all people was my caregiver for a long time. My parents were always there for back up, but it’s my kid sis who was my day to day interaction. Not fair on her I know, but it’s just how the family played the cards it was dealt.

She went to a sibling SZ support group and looking back, I feel it gave her a lot of strength. Recently the dynamic of the group changed and she said it’s become toxic so she doesn’t go any more. I can see a difference in her. She’s more at a loss sometimes. She locks herself in the bathroom more. I’m trying to get better as fast as I can so I can be more self-preserving and take some of the worry off her shoulders. I feel that having people her age, in the same boat and the ability to talk to someone other then family really helped her.


I think I have been feeling a bit coped up lately. Cabin fever I guess. I used to work full time and have been off of work for a year and a half. Thinking about looking into a part time job now that my son has been stable for a bit. This forum is my therapy. I also do stretches/yoga almost everyday and 20 minutes on a stepper 3 times a week. I spend time watching our tv shows with my hubby and my son when he wants to watch with us. Some days I don’t dress in the normal track suite but instead opt for a little color.


**I agree-you have got to have some downtime! I wish I could say what mine was…I pretty much lived on tether hooks every day. I am single, and because everyone else was either far away, or just didn`t have the time, or understanding-I was it. Wow. **