Run away patient

My daughter was submitted on January 13 by the court order. Today is February 8th
She was and still is angry although she started talking to me when in a good mood. Today she got a 15 minute privilege off the unit and run away. It was -27 outside ( for you my American friends that is - 16.6)

I can see that they trusted her. She is good at fooling people BUT… The point of my post is that the unit called me two or three ours later after she didn’t returned They asked me if she was home, the idiots.
(The police now found her and she is back in in hospital)

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Sorry to hear this. Same happened here, my son done this a few times. They inform the police first. We also were asked was he here? One time ge was missing for a few days. The police put a missing person on him and he turned up here at home in middle of night. Granted it wasnt those temps.
Another time he went missing for 24 hrs oh and had been and got haircut whilst awol !
Glad she is safe . So worrying.


My son’s been on AWOL status, or classified as an elopement risk, before.

The first time was because he woke up the first morning there & had no idea he was there - and was terrified.
He jumped the nurses station and had to be taken to the lock-down unit.

It took them about a week before he was allowed to leave the unit to go outside with everyone else for smoke breaks and have meals in the cafeteria. Let me tell you, he was very happy & appreciative of those privileges and I think it helped him behave better in there.

His second time in, he was OK & didn’t get put on it. This last time, he spent a few days on AWOL because even though he asked to go, he kept wandering out of intake - he’s a major pacer. But, he kept going towards the unit instead of trying to get outside. He was so happy to get a smoke break.

They seem very careful at this hospital about anyone getting off the grounds, and I’ve explained the safety issues to him, so hopefully he won’t try to run - but if he had a chance to, I think he still might.

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Wow. I can’t believe that they would let her out unescorted. How is she doing right now?

I can’t believe it took them 2-3 hours to call me and the police

It just happened late last night. I’ve been very sick with a flu and can’t talk. So I cannot call them. My other daughter says her sister lost privileges (wow!!!)
We will go there shorty

When my son went awol, he lost privelidges too, previously he had been able to go to the gym, play soccer with the sports organiser,
He even had un escorted leave by himself by a couple of months but lost it after going awol. Then he got it back.

I’m very sorry to hear you are not feeling well. How long is your daughter supposed to be committed in the hospital for? This attempt obvious shows that her mental state is not adequate, so whatever time she was supposed to be in for it will be longer. That can be a good thing because it means that she could be there until she’s somewhat recovered. Someone once told me that they had to be committed for 8 months until they were able to have insight into their schizophrenia.

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Did you mean a patient told about 8 months?

No, I mean this person told me that it took him 8 months inside a hospital to recover and gain insight into his mental illness. People can be committed in an institution for as long as it takes for them to be functional members of society, where they can take care of themselves and not have any intentions of harming others or themselves.

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A lady I know had a son who had no help , no interaction and was ill for 11 years, he then was admitted to hospital and stayed there for almost a year , she still says a month as a patient for every year he was unmedicated and ill and it was the best thing that’s happened.


Yeah, sometimes it’s just what is necessary.