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Sarcosine advised by doctor?

Has anyone had their psych dr advise or support the use of sarcosine for sz. I would really like my daughter to start sarcosine as she would also.

Unfortunately a lot of Drs. Don’t even know about it. It’s not some blockbuster drug that a drug company can charge a thousand dollars a month for. Nobody from a pharmaceutical company ends up at their desk marketing it too them. The Dr. Has to take their own time and keep up with the field which I question if a lot of them even do. That means you gotta read the psychiatric times and other psych publications that have done articles on sarcosine.

I asked my sons doctor and he said he could take it while on his medications. He had not heard of it but I brought the package in and he said it was ok to take. I put it in my sons smoothies.

Thank you Diane. Just wanted to know if any drs had ok’d. Our current pd will only support fda approved treatment. Which is fine. I get that. But if it can do no permenant damage or problems we would like to at least try and see if any improvements. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Thank you

I am the one who now takes it on a regular basis - for some mild depression. It seems to help. I think I paid $18 for a packet from brainvitaminz. : )

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Well the studies on sarcosine have been small. It is an understudied supplement. It appears to be safe but they don’t really know for sure. Certainly they do not know if their are Any consequences after taking it for thirty years because it hasn’t been out that long. I asked my Dr. About taking it. He said ok but he knew nothing about it never heard of it and said it was okay to take it.

So even since my Dr. Approved it I am not confident in any way shape or form that he knows it is safe. It’s my opinion that psych Drs. Are definitely not experts on sarcosine.