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Sarcosine so good so far

I bought the Sarcosine advertised on the site based off of another user’s post of trying it with her son. It’s only been about 2 weeks - he just switched to the full dose - and I do think it is beneficial. My son has shown slightly more effort with hygiene and called my mom on his own and visited with her for a few hours. We’ve discussed this before, and he always thinks it’s a good idea. However, there seems to be a huge barrier between thinking something is a good idea and then taking action. I’m very hopeful that this will help with the flat feeling and affect.


Happy to hear that I also see an improvement in my son , it’s been about a month now … not sure if it’s the sarcosine or the meds finally working…


Have you seen anywhere where it says not to drink if you are taking sarcosine? My son usually has a glass or two of wine several times a week.

I’m not really sure as my son is not allowed to drink as he is on meds . You can email the company . All the best …

It will take months of continued use to take an effect. Over time, his motivation may gradually improve.

Sarcosine turns into glycine after metabolization in the liver. Glycine, which is a protien, plays an important role in neuronal excitability.

Choline also metabolizes into glycine. Choline is found in protein-rich animal foods (sorry vegans). Foods such as egg yolks are high in choline. Whole nutrition is very important in neurotransmission. Typical people need to eat all of their amino acids to function at an optimal level. Atypical people may need to take in more of one amino acid or another in order to reach a normal balance in the brain.

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@hpirozzoli Thank you very much for the info. Very helpful.