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She called the cops again

My sister decided to call the cops and rescue this morning again, claiming she isn’t feeling well even though she looks fine. this isn’t the first time she does this, last time she called the cops stating she was in danger and that strangers were in her house (claiming those strangers were her family) I feel terrible and I don’t even wanna look at my parents because you can just see the hurt and pain in their eyes. I feel like this is what my life has come to and my anxiety is through the roof. I try to remain calm for the sake of my parents but it’s tough because I’m only human too.

They can’ t admit her to a pych facility for treatment?

I live in Florida where there is this thing called Baker Act. She has been admitted involuntary before when she attacked us but she did call the cops herself. She was admitted at the bakers act facility which is for patients that are having mental health problems for 2 weeks and then released. At this facility was where she got diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic so she has had follow ups with a psychiatrist and is on medications. She called the ambulance this morning stating she wasn’t feeling well and that her chest hurt. Unfortunately my parents or myself have no say so on pretty much anything even though she lives with us because she is an adult.