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Had to call police for help

Had to call police so that they would phone her mental health workers because no one was listening to me.
It worked.
She’s now had lots of contact with mental health team, they’ve changed her meds etc.

Just a bit pissed off that they only helped when I called the police.

Shrink told her she can’t drive for three months and she’s taking it out on me again. Here’s waht she said, “I get to order you about now to take me places”.

I’ve been looking for new places to live as she just makes me so depressed. It’s so depressing this illness.

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I totally understand. I wished there were better Mental Health providers. Unfortunately
they don’t work the same. I’ve had my 27 yr old son go to 2 different clinics and the one we are working with are sooo good. They actually call regularly and ask how it’s going.

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That’s great to have those follow ups, they really help and it’s like a team towards a good outcome.