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Should I tell her I was charged for her purchase?

My mom blames herself for lots of things. Recently she was buying a couple things on ebay but couldn’t figure our how to get off of my account. That ended up with a present for me being sent in my name, and a self present for her charged to my bank account. She knows about the former, but not the latter. It was a $10 purchase, but I only had 5 in my account. Paypal’s “non-sufficient funds” fee is 25, so now I’m in the hole $30. We live on welfare so every cent counts, but at the same time it’s not important enough for her to blame herself or get upset about. I just know she will introvert about it and it’s just more ammo for her voices. I’m often afraid to tell her things because of how I think her voices might react. Does anyone have any experience or advice?


I would definitely try to figure out a way to always log out of my account and change my password if the person knows it. That might keep it from happening again without causing stress.