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Social services


My son goes to a place here in town call PORT ,They deal with all kinds of mental and addicition problems , when I asked them if my son had a social worker they said no…they do not offer that,So do I go to Social services to get one for him.And what would they be good for??


Where do you live. Social services are different in all countries. I live in Sweden. I have gotten a lot of help from the social services.


I live in New Jersey and social services mainly deals with food stamps and Medicaid. The place I go to for services like therapy and med monitoring also provides me with a case manager. She takes me to appointments and checks in on me. She goes to my probation appointment with me and tells my P.O. how I’m doing. She can also get me set up with services. The one time I needed a med and she talked to the nurse for me about it. That might be some of the things a social worker could help with. Good luck.


The social services I’ve used was a visiting nurse who helped me with my meds, got my plugged into other resources in the city, got me hooked up to food stamps, wellness checks and really helped me when my wheels were falling off.


I live in the US And I think I have not looked in to a social worker when we go for his app this month I think they will give him a counselor then maybe they can direct me to some programs and maybe a break for me…thanks


Hi Comatose,

Can you tell us more about the social services that you’ve found very helpful in Sweden? I’m interested in hearing what other countries offer.


I have help with my kids. In the beginning there was a guy coming one weekend every month to take care of my kids so I could relaxe and regain my strength. Now (after my brain crash) my boy with PDD-NOS does not live at home. He is in a group home with other children. He has been depressed and suicidal. He has been violent towards me and his younger brother. So violent the police have come three times.
My younger boy gets a weekend every month away from home. He is riding and caring for horses when he is there.

We parents have family therapist we see every week.

Also we get money for every day the older boy is at home because he is so much work. 156sek. About 15 usd.


In my state (which is not New Jersey) there are community mental health services available. First one must figure out which one to go to, according to the ‘catchment’ your current address is in. Case management (which is usually what a social worker does) is set up thru these centers. Your best bet might be to find the nearest NAMI resource to find out how to get a case manager. A case manager can be very helpful in finding available and appropriate services.


I live in the USA and my daughter has a caseworker who at times goes to my daughter’s home and deliver her medication when she can’t pick it up or is too sick. Her caseworker is also a quasi therapist and will listen to whatever is concerning my daughter, be it her relationship with her partner, her children, me, etc plus she has a psychiatrist. She also has social services that provide food stamps, steer her to things in the community that can help her and her family. My daughter is pretty well plugged in to whatever is available to help her manage her life and illness.