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Somethings up with dad

He used to have no time for TV
Now he has no time for work
There is a big pile of it in his room
He has put on a lot of weight too
Because he can’t resist chocs and sweets
He doesn’t want to do anything.

I’m worried!

Maybe he is depressed.
Have you talked with him about it?**

How old is he? Sometimes there’s really just nothing to do in the retired life but bliss out & relax to anything that tickles your fancy.

I’m with @bridgecomet. It sounds like something’s up. I also agree that it sounds like depression.

I really feel bad. Because I have not handled this well. I will speak to him about it properly this evening.

Drop a few gentle hints. Tell him your worried about him.

Ahhh mistercollie is just bothered because I think his dad actually needs to do some hardtime.

I think the statute of limitations is actually made for people like me.

I’m taking him to see his GP tomorrow.