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A very small glimpse of his old self didnt last long

A few weeks ago my fiancee was helping out and being decent to me at least. Still doesn’t trust his neighbors. He wanted to talk with my neighbors and they offered him a side job. He needed the money because he was broke 2 weeks after he got his check. He overpaid his Bill’s and today it really started. He is really bad again. He hasn’t let me in for 5 days. Finally today to let me get a few things. He hasn’t stopped ranting since 1230 and it’s now almost 5. If I leave I know I wont be allowed back. He wouldn’t even let me in to go to the bathroom and it was urgent. Left me out in the cold. He talked a little through the metal door and then nothing for days. I think on going to have a nervous breakdown

There is next to no food here. He hasn’t left since last Friday. No where. I’m really afraid that might call the police on me. He wants to run . O am so freaked out right now
Wants to break up and says that is all this is. No way. Hes ranting about and the whole world. I’m afraid. Not for my safety but everything else. I walked by his sofa and I he dumped it again.
He keeps talking like a African American with a southern accent. This voice has taken over and is very mean and nasty. Literally. I already had a bloody nose because my blood pressure must be very high. Haven’t had one in years

He is laying down the guilt trip about me not caring about him because I take care of my dad and stay there
I stay with my dad but my life is with Jerry

@Laz - If he isn’t eating, you could have someone check on him. Have you ever had someone (mental health workers) go check on him? I think you are in England but I can’t remember where you are. Has he been hospitalized before?

Laz, I am so so sorry that you’re going through this… :sob::sob:

I’m so sorry you are going thru this.
What if you were to buy her m some groceries? That would make sure he was fed and showed you care.

He wont take groceries from me. O can not even order take out delivery. Plus he doesn’t want to go to the store

I am in New York State. I have had the mobile crisis unit come out on more than one occasion. He doesn’t open the door and says hes fine. Lies and tells them I want to get him in trouble cause he doesn’t want me anymore He was hospitalized for 72 hours this past June. Je refused treatment and started coaxing other patients what to say or not to say to get out

He thinks I know all of these people who would drug him for me. Never ever ever. I don’t even associate with anyone who does drugs and he used to know that

There are no easy answers. Does he have family you can call? I’d keep checking in on him, when you can. Maybe try the mobile crisis people again.
Whatever you do, don’t take his accusations against you seriously or personally.

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I begged his family for help. He has a large family and his older brother had schizophrenia a lot worse. That was in the 1970s. I never him. He hung himself. Now this. He was in the hospital 2 times in 1 year. He let me in this afternoon and I’m still here. Hours of this ranting. He has a few minutes of I don’t know what to call it and then I think hes hearing things. As if someone is turning on a switch. Filthy language that could make my hair curl. Yelling at 3 am about his neighbors and saying terrible things about them at this hour. They have never called the police. He told me today that he is going to give notice and head to California. Not knowing where hes going. He wants me to go. I take care of my dad and everything else at my dads too. Everything. I don’t want to leave him like this but then my dad at the same time. I’m lost!

Yes, I am sure that someone in the hospital with my daughter coached her on how to not get involuntarily hospitalized anymore. I can understand that your fiancee might have shared with others too.

I don’t see how you can possibly stop your fiancee from going to CA if that is what he wants to do. I also feel you must keep taking care of your Dad unless someone else can take over for you easily. Perhaps a big change of environment, like a trip to CA, will help your fiancee and he will come back to you a bit calmer or a lot calmer.

I understand about the rants, and the voices, and the accusations. It is part of the illness. They happen at my house too. I got her to start taking one meal from me a day that I passed through the door. I learned to just knock, say “It’s me with food for you” and nothing else. Then she will talk to her voices a bit and then open the door and take the plate. If she won’t go food shopping with me for groceries, then I do it myself, knock on the door and say “It’s me with food for you” and hand her two grocery bags. She looks a bit puzzled that it isn’t a plate of food, but then usually takes it. She almost always promptly closes the door on me afterwards (whether it’s dinner or a grocery bag). In the beginning I had a very small success rate with getting her to take daily dinners, if she didn’t take the food, I said nothing, turned away but tried again tomorrow. Now it is a regular thing for her to take some food.