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Son diagnosed with late onset schizophrenia

My son was diagnosed with late onset of schizophrenia at age 36. He had a severe reaction to haloperidol and has developed Parkinson’s type symptoms. Has anybody had a similar experience with a loved one. This came out of no where and was totally unexpected.

I’m so sorry. I don’t have first hand experience with late onset, but I know it can and does happen. Regardless, you will need to learn all you can about the illness. There are a lot of posts on this site that can steer you in some good directions. I encourage you to stay hopeful.


Welcome to the site @Jedwards . Schizophrenia often comes out of nowhere, it is a shocking illness, and I’m sorry your son has it. My daughter’s started at age 32, which is not that late for women. She is on haloperidol dec shot monthly, so that medicine works for her. I am sorry your son had a bad reaction to it. Unfortunately, medicines are sort of trial and error for each person, very very frustrating, and managing side effects is also trial and error. Some doctors are better than others too.

Read on this site, join NAMI support groups and family to family classes if you can, read books, learn the laws for your state regarding mental illness, and you will understand more about what you might do to handle your son’s situation. I wish it was easy to find the right solutions, but it is not. Remain hopeful as you can. That is important.