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Sperm/Egg Donors and Schizophrenia

Hello, everyone. Hope that all of you are making the best of the new year.

This article, regarding the grieving parents of a schizophrenic son who was conceived through sperm donation by a man who had not disclosed that he was living with schizophrenia, appeared in the WSJ this morning. Posting it mostly because it contains some of the latest thinking on heritability of schizophrenia, information that gives me some hope that my SZA relative’s offspring may not inherit the affliction. Free-to-read links to it and a 2019 DNA article referenced in it are below.

Thank you for sharing these articles.
Very interesting and let’s hope further research leads to earlier detection and prevention of severe mental illness. And then a cure.

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You are welcome. I’m happy to share, especially if the news holds a glimmer of hope.