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Stressed and tired

I am angry at my family member who has sz. because they only have symptoms when I am around. They act differently when others are around. I look awful these days and everyone is critical of me. My mind is becoming very slow and people are rude to me. I resent them not cleaning up, they walk away when I finish talking. They walk right through me, they bump into me. I have to feel guilty when I get mad at them, but they don’t treat me well. I am unable to get help from other people.

Move way out into the county side… grown corn beans and chickens…

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Yeah, I feel frustrated sometimes, too. As the one who is always there, I am the one he blames for his confusing and uncomfortable experiences.

He is frequently irritable and angry with me while very pleasant with family, who live elsewhere.

I am glad he still has a place he feels safe, but it is quite hard on me.

When unmedicated, it seems to be pretty common that the person with the illness is meanest to the people who are trying to help them the most. It is the illness speaking.

You must try to be extra kind to yourself while caregiving a person with sz. The stress is very very high, and will take its toll on you.

Learn all you can about this illness. There are lot of things you CAN do. Keep looking through this Forum, find a support group through organizations such as Read the books “Surviving Schizophrenia: A Family Manual” and “I Am Not Sick: I Don’t Need Help”. Best things I ever did.