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Talked to my dad today

So I talked over facebook to my father today. He like me has schizophrenia but unlike me he goes untreated. I was hoping that after all of these years maybe if I talked to him he would finely see reason but instead all I did was cause a fight. At first he seemed so reasonable but then it was like a switch was flicked. He is the only schizophrenic that doesn’t take his meds that I have talked to for any amount of time. I don’t really know what I’m asking… I guess I just wanted to share what happened.

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He is off medications. How does he behaves in general. Paranoia?

My son does not take medication at all either.
At this point, it`s very hard to have a conversation with him.

Not really anymore. He more thinks he’s god or something. He kept telling me to seek paradise and ask paradise what the lords name is and he swears up and down that he no longer thinks he’s god and to be truthful I don’t know how he normally acts. I saw him that night though. He smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath in over a week, looked it too.

@bridgecomet I’m sorry to hear that it’s hard to talk to your son but I can understand. That’s one reason I hadn’t seen or talked to my father in over two years.

Hope you can somehow stay in touch without submitting yourself to any abusive behavior.
If my son gets this way, I will not talk to him, or be around him. I will usually write a letter telling him why, but I never cut myself off completely as far as talking to him.
He seems to do better with a letter–then he can read at his own pace. He has too much going on in his head to listen to me a times.

I’m glad you can keep some contact with him but when he gets this way he turns dangerous to himself and others.