Tell us how you are today?


I guess we don’t have to ask how he is feeling about the pending move and court date.


That is interesting, that is what his father said - that this is related to the move. He did leave the house on Sunday night - who knows what he got into.


I think so too, any change stresses them and stress get the scz up and rolling.

Moving used to be ranked as a huge stress factor for normies. When my son did over $2,000 worth of damage to his dad’s car, it was the day after he moved out of our home and into the garage apartment.


Moving used to be ranked as a huge stress factor for normies.

“Love” this point you made, not the damage!


It was the garage door - for the car that broke because he had locked in (held in place with vice grips) and when I came home I opened it with the remote. I’m sorry about all the damage your son has done to your home.


How am I today? I’m so grateful for my loving and hardworking husband, my smart and caring daughter, and my sweet little doggie. Without them, my sadness about my son would just be too much.

Bless us all on this long journey.


My husband earned some ‘good husband points’ - I have been bringing my poodle up to town for grooming, but since the place closes before my work day ends, and animals are strictly forbidden here, I have been dropping the dog to stay with my son. But now his delusions tell him we can’t do that anymore. My husband came to the rescue and had a little poodle with pink bows in her hair under his desk for a few hours.


As many of you have posted, taking the time to be grateful to our wonderful partners, our children, the family and friends who reach out to us, the little pink bows from the groomer.
We are all from different walks, on a journey into the unknown, to things unseen, to hope of a better world where there is no suffering.
Until then I wish you all a little peace and alot of grace.


@Vallpen and Annie. What beautiful sentiments. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful even for the smallest of gifts each day. Sometimes, I get so consumed by this illness, I forget about everything else.


@AnnieNorCal Thank you for your beautiful words. I needed them today.


After 5 months of 3 hour round trips every Saturday and Monday, today is the day. We signed a rental agreement with my brother’s conservator and we will be entering a grace period to see if my brother continues to be stable and compliant with us. Fingers crossed.

(I know the room won’t stay this way for long. We’ve already cleaned up strawberry milkshakes from the floor. I’m surprised the white paper flowers have lasted these last few months without being written on or ripped. :laughing:)


Your brother may or may not express appreciation, but I’m sure he is feeling loved.


What a beautiful, welcoming room. A new day is here.


So very nice!! I hope he feels loved.


@calicakes This is awesome! You sure got this together fast. This tugs on my heart. You have a very generous heart. Keep us posted on how it goes. You have given me an idea to do this for my son when he gets out of the hospital. Thanks!


Feeling some joy.

It’s so nice when a certain person comes around that knew my son before he became ill. This person has that special magic to be able to get my son outside on the driveway shooting hoops.

Right now, even it’s pretend, it feels normal. It feels the way it was supposed to be.

And now I’m going to wipe my tears and go shoot hoops too.


Lovely room welldone😄


Yesterday was my son ‘s 23 birthday. His dad, who he hasn’t seen since Christmas came in town and the three of us ate dinner and had cake at my son’s apartment. He didn’t want any other family members there as he thought they would give him anxiety. I left after dinner to get some much needed rest, I am burnt out from all the caregiving I do alone. It was so nice to have his dad here, my son was very happy. Dad will now go back to his life without dealing with sz and can forget he has a MI son. Dad said the drive was so hard that he doesn’t want to come again. Sometimes I get jealous of my ex’ s carefree life but then I realize I could never abandon my son like that. All in all it was a good birthday and I am so grateful and proud of my son. As we all know the suffering with those stricken with sz seems unbearable at times.


Irene, i understand hoe you feel, and how hard it is to be the sole caregiver of our mentally ill children. It is exhausting and draining. My daughter lives with me. Husband psssed away, son moved out of state with family, partially, i believe to not have to deal with his sister. He has a wife and small kids. Being in my late 60# and completely by myself to do it all, I appreciate your frustrations. Life is such that I cannot do anything realistic about the family. They have made their decision s. I suppose if it becomes so difficult, I can hire someone to help us. My daughter yesterday bought a Mother’s Day card that said how much she appreciates all the important work i do as a mom, which made me cry. Most of us rarely get kudos, or thank you s from out loved ones. Her words meant more than anything.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome ladies here who take care of their children who have schizophrenia.


I visited my son last night at the hospital, took him a burrito and salad and we played Scrabble. He is doing so well! Got a haircut, shaves every day, is working out and playing active team games- volleyball and pickleball. He has a plan to work on his treatment plan and wants to get to where he can request a Conditional Release (he won’t get it yet but apparently they encourage patients to go to court), and a back up plan if he doesn’t get it (keep working on his relapse prevention plan and do everything they want him to do).
I’m beyond happy with how well he’s doing. He is talking and thinking like an adult for the first time (he is 22). I don’t know how long this will take but I am so encouraged.
And this weekend a group of us women are going to work on our Wills and our Health Care Directives. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I am grateful for it all.

And as alwayshopeful says above, Happy Mother’s Day to all of us who care for our kids with sz.