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Tell us how you are today?


It is so hard, but just try to be strong for him. I know easier said than done. So sad for them and for us.


He’s working at a store just down the road. Probably a 30 minute walk. I hope he succeeds with this. He’s worked in grocery stores before at night but was paranoid that his co-worker was going to harm him. I think now on meds he may do ok AND it gets him out of going to the groups that his therapist said he had to go to unless work was a conflict. The groups are something he really didn’t want to go to.


Hi DianeR. Is this the first time your son has been on meds? If so, how long was he ill before recently going on them?


Yes this is first anti-psychotic meds. We tried Chinese herbs which worked a little bit it seemed. Looking back I can see signs 8 years ago. He thought I had been a terrible mother, forced him to play sports… mostly delusional thinking. His first full break was almost 2 years ago now.


Well then this is pretty astounding that your son went off on his own, got a job, and worked an 8 hour shift. What?

It was only last month that you had all those cops at your house. I’m just shocked, in a very happy for you way.

Your son’s story could be an example of how a person can have a pretty long period of psychosis before treatment, and still have a positive outcome.

I so hope your son can stay the course.


Thank you. I’m hoping so too. The meds for sure helped and no more pot or drinking. And not wanting to live with me is incentive I think. They also talked about goals in group at the hospital and since then it has been to work and get a place of his own. He is no way by far what we see as “normal” but he’s trying pretty hard. It’s been a month and 3 weeks since my lovely time with all the police! And that is how long he’s been on meds.


That is so great! Makes me smile really big!


Up on computer since 3 am

feel like I am self-destructing a little

So much to worry about and try to find solutions


I am doing the same thing right now, up since 2:45 and it’s 4:27 now. Have to go to work tomorrow… I am often up at 3am or so. I just cannot figure out how to arrange/rearrange living spaces to better suit my daughter’s mental illness, my husband’s alcoholism, my tenants’ wishes and my own needs. Ugh. My own needs always seem to be last, and why oh why can’t I sleep?! So dreadfully tired.

I understand the feeling of self-destructing. Wish we could meet at an all night diner and eat and talk. A hug from someone who gets it would be nice. I am sending you a virtual hug, and I hope your worry lessens.


Hugs back

i find out what is wrong with my mother’s chest after her MRI this lunch

i don’t know if they will find post op pulmonary embolism, post op chest infection or a new thing like lung cancer
75 year old life long smoker
run over 7 weeks ago and criminally uncared for by a transport for disabled back to hospital for a cast check

she had open tib fib with plates and screws… and then cracked bruised ribs so she couldn’t move for 4 - 5 weeks basically half of that down to a transfer team whom she is sueing

Up all night also worrying about my sister and alcohol related brain damage
perhaps Wernicks Korsakoff perhaps not

she is 39 and has wanted to die for the last 5 years


sorry for your troubles

all sounds as my family

i lost a schizophrnenic sister after 12 years of steady deterioration treatment resistant in the extreme
she was hit by a car
we think an accident
she was 25

and i myself am schizophrnic, 12 years well, but had a very poor prognosis before that and was classed as severe

my husband is autistic and works and an only child who doesn’t understand family problems
he badmouths my sister all the time, she seems to be against him
I’m also autistic and can’t process social skills normally


Wish I logged on at 3am and joined you both, I was up, mind just wouldn’t stop, we keep so many balls in the air…


Not a great weekend. My son has been asking me to purchase a lot of random things for him recently. It all stems from his delusions, and his thinking that he requires stuff to impress the spies. And he has been kicking and punching the front door (from the inside), and yelling at ‘them’ to ‘ef-off’ and ‘shut up’, and expressing anger.

Yesterday he started in on me about how I am coercing him to take his meds, and that I shouldn’t do that.

I know how much I do for him, how much of my own money is spent on him, how much of my free time goes to him - and I guess when he starts in on me I just feel so resentful. I left without blowing up at him tho.

On another note: caught 2 kittens. They are now in a large kennel in my basement, awaiting an intake appointment at the no-kill shelter.


I’m sorry, this is so unfair. They just don’t seem to acknowledge or appreciate the time we spend taking care of them financially and emotionally. It’s so frustrating. I’m glad you walked away that is probably the best thing to do. My friend has a mentally challenged son (now 30 I think) she says at times he will yell at her. She leaves the house as well. At least, however, when she returns sometimes she gets a somewhat of an apology.

Glad you got more cats for the no-kill shelter. How many have you kept?


All the adults are being neutered and returned to the neighborhood. I occasionally see the 2 males, and the 2 females (one which is the mother of the litter, and the other her kitten from last Fall) come to visit regularly, but won’t come close enough to be petted. They know my schedule tho!


I was wondering, I just saw the spay tattoo on my friend’s rescue - does your vet do the spay tattoo on the females?


Yes they do, and they also ‘tip’ the left ear (snip off a piece)


I have 2 cats of my own already, as well as 2 dogs. My son does like to see these cats, so I am leaving them in his neighborhood.

I’m going to bring a few things for him to use to entice them to play, in hopes they might eventually become social enough to pet.


I did not know about the ear tipping - thanks for the information!


I watched a Netflix movie last night called “Brain on Fire”, based on an autobiography. Although the ending wasn’t the same ending my son had, there was a lot that rang true. Somebody did their research.

My takeaway from the film was that family members and doctors have to be extremely careful when diagnosing, especially in the beginning, and especially if there is no prodromal phase.

If you decide to watch it, here is my disclaimer. It won’t win any Best Picture or Best Acting Awards. It was just interesting, on a few different levels.