Tell us how you are today?


@AnnieNorCal I hope you are holding up. I know this is very very difficult. I am wondering - would they (or do they) let you visit him if you went to Southern Ca?


How am I today? Feeling pretty good. Lonely, a bit. I wish my daughter would go out of the house more, but that is not what she wants. She watches movies on her Kindle Fire, tv when she is in the mood. I just bought her a cup of virgen ice cream, and she liked that, bought one for myself too, she ate hers by herself. It is what it is.

So many of you have hobby’s sewing and knitting. I need to consider that as well. I read quite a bit. BTW, I changed my user name from Alwayshopeful to Cerium, since many ladies here have the hope in their Namur.

@Diane R, sounds like your son is gaining insight😀


@Cerium I had noticed that many had hope in their sign ons - I know I used it because i felt that was what I was down to at that point - only hope was left- and I wanted to hang on to hope.

Do love your new name, have felt a kinship with the “hope squad”.


I think “Hope” is part of all of our screen names, whether you can see it in black and white, or not. It’s the thing that helps us all get out of bed each day.


@hope. Thanks for the sweet message. Yes. I am a proud member of the hope squad. That is something all of us here hang to on a daily basis. Cerium is an element in the periodic table, made up of grey matter. Made me think about thr brain, actually.


@DianeR and all,
They do not allow visits or phone calls. It leads me to believe our son situation is severe, but I’m only guessing. We did have the attorneys assistant ask if we have ever discussed his mental illness with him and that is the first time anyone has mentioned his condition. But obviously he is very ill, or he would not be in this situation. I can send him letters via email that are printed out and handed to him. So we keep the letters coming!
Thank you all for this site, I read your the posts all the time. I see how hard all of this is for everyone. Take care AnnieNorCal


And we all feel your pain and your concern, every story I read here I know could be my family’s story. I don’t know if anyone knows empathy better than all of us.


@DianeR - no problem, my friend gave me the whole spiel - about why it requires the restrictions and why those restrictions make it really difficult. Her son was one of its success stories. She taught FTF and trained instructors, he taught Peer classes- he was so amazing with the other peers.

It’s been a rough month for her, the first anniversary of his death will be later this month. His body of work was immense. He had a wonderful way of connecting with people and convincing them to attend Peer to Peer. My son was one of his failures, but how we appreciated that he came to our home and spent the day with Jeb and tried.


@Annie, alwayshopeful here. It may just be the policy st your sins place of incarceration that keeps you in the dark. We always go to worse cars scenario, myself included. There must be a psychiatrist where he is housed. If he signed a release, is there smyway you can speak to him? What about a counselor? I send you a hug.


@Cerium (alwayshopeful) and others,
We know that our son is being evaluated by professionals, and he is in good hands.
My husband and daughters are all doing well considering. We are thankful and we are not alone on this journey.
Thank you all for you input, it really means alot to me. AnnieNorCal


Hi all, I was just getting ready to turn in for the night and saw this on an animal website I like:

The man has schizoaffective disorder and plays a really good song at the end of the video. Happy tears for me tonight.


Yes, that was great news, and the way that so many came together to help free them was vital to their success. It helped me to feel happier.


I totally understand the sleep problems. I too suffer from lack of sleep. I try many things to help, but sometimes the sleep just won’t come. I hope you are able to sleep tonight.

My heart goes out to you, growing up with a mom with schz must be very hard. I personally think it is good that you come on this site. There are many moms on here who you can reach out to, who understand some of what you are going through.

No, (sigh), you may never have the mom you’ve hoped for. I’m sorry. She is still in there somewhere, but the illness hides your “real” mom. I understand, because the is how my adult daughter is (hidden under the illness).

Be kind to yourself. Take some time to pamper yourself in any way that you can. Work hard in school and dream of a future when you can be on your own in a safe place. I hope it happens for you.


I thought it was surprising. After thinking about it, I think he thinks he has to keep taking the shot since his court date got put off. But I’ll take it.

I’m at a painting workshop this weekend. Perhaps you’d like something like that. Also doing a yoga workshop and that one is only 3 hours. So many fun things to choose from. I hope you’re having a good weekend!


My son keeps buying vodka he’s on the kitchen floor again😭


When does this stop? I don’t know what to do


My son was like that with cards and mail when he was in jail and still very sick. He didn’t talk about them or show any interest when I brought up that someone had sent him a postcard. After he moved to the hospital he reread them all and decorated his room with them. He told me that they were what kept him going when he was in jail. I felt they were a lifeline for him for that year and really all about I could do for him.


@DianeR This was a significant day for you! I’m glad the laws in your state allow for a way to require medication and doctor visits for your son’s best interest. And glad for glimmers of hope! You have done so much already to help him. May you find blessing in each and every day, even in the ups and downs.


Glad to hear things are back to “normal”. It’s good to hear you are recharged. We need a break as this is more than a full time job.My son has been calm and is sleeping a lot, but he has bad dreams a and always tells me about them and they always sound scary. My son and I are doing our usual hanging out and errands with our dogs. I come over to his apt and our dogs play and then I give the dogs a good walk as he usually doesn’t want to stay out very long. He loves his dog very much and does well with taking him out quickly to potty. I am happy I made the decision to get him a companion dog. Not the life I wanted, but the life I accept.


Gursevak, it seems like it’s time to call an emergency number.

I’m so sorry.