Tell us how you are today?


Thank you AnnieNorCal.
She has no friends at this time. I have tried to call every number she had but she does not keep the same number, always changing it.
The city we live in is not safe at all and i just am fearful. I see a psychiatrist myself for anxiety and depression and i tell you, my anxiety is at an all time high. All of this worsened when our mama passed away in 2016 and i just wish my sister would understand the help she needs. I will never give up on her, but in her mind, i feel she has given up on me. :broken_heart:


Thank you oldladyblue.



I am so sorry, so many of us have endured periods of time that are the stuff of nightmares - and it’s our life.

This thread of @Cerium’s was brilliant - because we are asked every day.

How are you and your daughter doing today?


I so sorry for your sister is missing. Does she have her own place? Do you think you should go to the police and file a missing person report? It’s not an unreasonable thing to do, especially since she just got out of the hospital.


We will all pray that your sister receives some intervention. It’s really sad for all of us here dealing with extreme situations.
It would be a good idea to put out a missing persons with the local authorities. At least they would be aware of her situation (which they probably are) if they find her, they could let you know her whereabouts. Take care AnnieNorCal


She was found at Ontario airport, yelling because she could not find her car. ( was my moms car). Security called police and they came and picked her up and is back at behavioral. I am on 1/2 more of my anxiety med, to be able to cope with at least half of a level head. Thank you for your kindness. You dont know how much it really means to me.


Hello Jan. My sister was picked up by Ontario airport security and the police were called. She is now back at behavioral. She does not have her own place. She stayed with me for a year and then we recieved a few dollars from moms estate. She went through the money fast, on liquor and motels. She will not listen to anyones advice and it has been a nightmare. Thank you so much for replying.


I’m glad they found your sister. I’m not sure about the laws in canada. In the US they will do a 5250 code which is a 14 day hold evaluation.
Now is the time to give them information about your sis. Get them to court order an evaluation.
Hope for the best! Your sis is safe, thank God!


Thank you AnnieNorCal. I am in California and she was picked up at the Ontario airport. From San Bernardino she drove to Ontario which is i think about 20 or 25 minutes away. She is usually fearful of things, i cannot believe she went out that way by herself to be honest. Is it bad that i feel calmer knowing she is at behavioral? She hates it there but at least i know she is safe from these deadly streets here. :rose:


No, it is quite normal to be calmer knowing where your loved one is. What type of place is the behavioral?

My adult daughter became a missing person for 30 days last year. I understand your feelings.

Here’s hoping that your sister gains some insight and willingness to handle her illness. The lack of insight (anosognosia) is the real enemy we face when our loved ones won’t seek help.


@kathy, thankfully, she was found. It is so scary not knowing where out daughters are. May i suggest a tracker to be put in her purse if this happens again? My daughter was disoriented and gone a few days, and the anguish, for both is horribl. Police will do nothing if it is an adult bi convinced her, so it she was lost, I could find her bit was for her protection. A good ending.


Hi oldladyblue. The behavioral unit is at the hospital. Its a regular hospital but has a mental illness facility unit as well.
Anosognosia, i will definitely look that up, thank you.


A tracker? Is that a noticeable device? My sister is paranoid of some electronics but if i can get one put where she wont notice, it is a must have. I am just astonished by what this illness is capable of. When i think about our younger years and the fun we had together, hurts my heart now. I am trying to think positive, pray, and just stay collected for her as much as i am able. Thank you for your reply.


I also feel good that you sister is in behavorial. The world has become a place of homeless preying on the weaker victims.
When I was in San Diego with my son, I asked him why so many people walk around at night? He said “it’s not safe, even for the homeless”. Pretty sad.
I’m sure you are involved with you sisters best interest, can you talk to the local courts about an involuntary commitment?
If you have any information to give the judicial system as far as your sis is acting violent or a danger to herself, it may help. It sounds harsh, but keeping her where she is safe and mandatory medication, might be the best thing for her right now.
I know the system is inadequate with the care they offer and only the severe cases get attention.
Take care and thanks for posting,


@Kathy203 - I would hope behavioral unit will get her on meds even if they are court ordered. Can you get that type of information. Also anosognosia - lack of insight. Most of us have read this book I’m not sick, I don’t need help to try to get our loved one on medication. In the meantime, for me, I find talking about the symptoms vs the diagnosis is easier for my son to understand and accept. You have some disorganized thinking and anxiety right now vs saying you have schizophrenia. We’re here for you, hang in there. Hopefully, things will get better/easier.


Thank you so much AnnieNorCal. This is information that is very useful to me. I heard of the homelessness down near La Jolla, it seems bad and i know where we live is worse. I am going to try to talk with my sister as light as possible, i wont use the word of her diagnosis at all. I know i am not special or the only one going through this, but i feel so alone and overwhelmed at times. I want to be able to get sis well again, whatever it takes. She isnt violent at all, she is exactly the opposite except for the yelling when she becomes frustrated. I read about something called NAMI. I am going to read more and possibly check out that book you spoke of. Thank you so much for all this help, you are definitely appreciated. :rose:


Thank you also Diane. So very much.:rose:


I apologize for the confusion, not very fundamental right now. Thank you Diane for your reply. Very much appreciated. :cherry_blossom:


A lot of people on here attend NAMI classes and they speak highly of them. I have not yet - the next one here is in Nov. But I get a lot of information/advice here on this site.


NAMI is highly recommended.

They have a free 12 week family to family class. You meet other parents, or family members dealing with a mentally ill family member. They give you tools to help so you know the best way to respond in given situations.