Tell us how you are today?


at the Family to Family class they will also let you know what resources are actually available in your area…


My son decided to hang out tonite with an old friend who reached out to him recently. I was excited for him and surprised. Well to make a long story short, it was a disaster, he started getting an episode in the car and had to go home. He said he was so scared driving with his friend and the voices were really loud and scary. His night out lasted less than an hour and he feels embarresed, He took his medicine early and is now asleep. I am not expecting he will try to socialize anytime soon. Feeling so sad.


Perhaps just a sheet for a door and some type of non breakable plastic drawers for dressers. Let him earn back the items through good conduct. Is that reasonable? Just an idea


I’m so sorry Irene. That same thing happened to my son recently. His old best friend from high school reached out, wanting to get together, but the stress of the outing just put my son in a really bad state. His friend was so upset. It was so sad.

Since then though, my son and his friend have been video calling, so that’s been nice to see. Hopefully your son can try again or maybe he can keep contact in a less stressful way, like my son is doing.

I’m sorry for your sadness tonight.


S@irene. It is heartwarming that your son tried, made the effort to go out. When dealing with schizophrenia, we have to accept one step forward, two back. It is an illness surrounded by unpredictability and surprise, and not always in a good way. I try to laugh at so,r of my daughter’s peculiarlies. For example, she has diabetes, not a laughing matter. To be treated a few years ago, I had to call 911 since she refuses still to go to the dr, but does see her psychiatrist regularly. It was under control, but these past few days glucose was high, 188 in the am! Thankfully, she is plugged into a diabetes clinic, through her health care provider, who deals with many people with sz I called, and she helped me get a new medication. When I get it here, I told my daughter she needed to take it with food. She started arguing, I only take the meds twice a day, get s new one, I’m not taking it with food. Finally, after all the yelling, and worrying I just said ok, and dropped the rock. If she gets an upset stomach, I tried to warn her. Then I began laughing at all the gymnastics I do for her, and just let it be. What is important is to get the glucose down. The woman at the clinic said she will need a blood test, and I laughed, and said that will take noodling.


Yes. I put it in her perseverance. I to,d her that I’d she gets lost, she can press a button, to request help. That is true. But it is slso true that she can be tracked. I use TRACKIMO.


So sorry this didn’t turn out better. At least he is home and safe. This made me sad as well.


Thanks Diane, you know how it goes, I was so hopeful and then when it didn’t work out I felt totally deflated. at least he tried, maybe there will be another time soon that will work out.


Tonight, all I can say is thank you so much for this forum.

The day-to-day of caring for a person with this illness is too much to deal with alone.

It’s been a challenging day.

Thank you everyone. Peace to us all.


@irene you can tell him (from me: ) we all get embarrassed- most of us every few days. Just part of being around other people. I have (as most of us) some embarrassing moments I still remember unfortunately. Maybe if he didn’t feel some embarrassment then we should be concerned.


Feeling a bit down. Wondering what the future will hold for me and my unmedicated dad. Wondering when will things change.


How am I today? Frustrated. As mentioned, my daughters glucose levels are high, ang going higher. She is now letting me draw blood, an ongoing battle. This more I g I went to the cemetery to visit my husband and when I got home I took her blood. It was over 200! She refuses to let me give more medication. The schedule is twice a day no changes. It is scary to hace blood sugar levels like this. She is taking the new medication for diabetes. I still worry. Thanks for letting me vent.


Have you tried reaching out to Nami ? Watch dr Xavier Amador, beyond the glass ceiling on you tube. Also read his book I am not sick I dont need help. Maybe something there can help you.


This is the site to vent and release as we all know how hard it can be … one day at a time …


How did you find out that your sister was in a behavioral health hospital and then released? That is a key factor. Did your sister give them your contact info? It is possible that the hospital would at least tell you where she was released to although I know HIPAA (U.S.) makes that information hard to obtain. One idea is to contact homeless shelters. I suggest being able to provide evidence that you are related.


Hi all, I had my 9 year old nephew overnite for his twice yearly visit, his family lives a few hours from me and we don t get together often. We hung out with my sz son for a few hours, he usually won t see any family members but his dad and I, so it was a pleasant surprise he was comfortable enough to see us. I had a lot of fun and my nephew is a delightful chid. After his dad picked him up tonite I got so sad and couldn’t stop crying. I remembered all the fun I had with my son when he was that age and how I had such high hopes for him He was so funny smart and cute and adventurous. I don t want to accept my son’s frightened, isolated life now ,but there is no choice. Gosh this is devastating disease, but I have to look for any small improvements, even tho there aren’t a lot.


My sister called my neice, it was the only phone number she remembered. My neice contacted my elder sister and elder sister then contacted me.
I have her safe for now, i have been reading up and praying to God almighty for help. :rose:


Hi Irene. I’m glad you and your son were able to enjoy your nephew’s visit, but I know how you feel when something as harmless as spending time with someone else’s healthy child just brings on a wave of grief and loss. I experience that a lot.

Some people on this forum have said that it does get easier and that we will eventually reach acceptance. I imagine that’s true, as I’ve seen that time does heal. Even so, I’m pretty sure we’ll still have those moments that trigger our deep sadness.

I hope you have a better day today. You’re not alone.


Thanks Day-by-Day, I imagine it will get easier to accept, but at this stage it is so painful to see them suffer and have such a limited life. Thanks for your response, it is nice to hear from others who really understand how this feels to a parent. I hope you and you family have a good day and our boys experience some joy today.


I know you mentioned he takes a med. Is it possible that his med(s) could be tweaked to try to better combat the voices, episodes, etc.? Will he go to counseling? Learning skills to recognize what is real and what is not can be helpful to persons who have hallucinations or delusions. I’m just trying to think of things that could help and encourage you to keep up hope!! You are cared about.