Tell us how you are today?


So you found your sister or know where she is? Did the hospital require her to call someone? What did she tell the sister that she called? Yes, keep learning about the illness and praying, too!! God is always working for good in spite of the troubles in this world.


@Kathy203 NAMI is an excellent starting point for learning that you are not alone, more about the illness symptoms,complications, etc. , and local resources. This forum is where you will likely get your subsequent support, relevant information, and answers.



My sister is staying in a motel near my elder sister.We got her one with a pool because it is going to be HOT and maybe she can enjoy herself some. I dont know if the hospital told her to call us, i doubt it though because she used the hallway phone in the unit. She was telling me and my sister, get me out of this place, i dont belong here get me out. The main doctor told my elder sister she is not ill enough to keep hospitalized. I just want to have her back, but those days are getting fewer, sadly.


Thank you @Holly67. I contacted the NAMI in my area a few days back, left a message and still waiting on a call back. Keeping my fingers crossed they can help somehow. :rose:


Glad you reached out to NAMI. I would hope you hear from them soon! Then order the LEAP book (I Am Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help) so you know how to have conversations with your sister that will be way more likely to help her. How long will your family pay for a motel? And will she stay there? You mentioned earlier that she “drove” so does she have a car, and if so, where is it? Does she have income or access to money?


Thank you hope4us. I ordered the book, it sounds like a great read. Between me and my elder sister, we cannot afford too much longer of the motel rooms as they are racking up much funds. The car she has was our mother’s car and i gave her everything she needed as in paperwork to pay for the registration and insurance and she let that lapse. Elder sister paid for the registration but it needs to be smogged. The insurance will be paid by me. She, as well as myself and elder sister got a few thousand $ from moms estate, but she went through all that in just a few months on alcohol and motel rooms and whatever else she bought. Nothing positive came from the funds which disappoints me but what can i do? She is not and will not listen to any advice any of us give her. She has no $ left and will not seek psychiatric help so trying to get her ssi/ssdi is out? I dont know, i am physically and mentally exhausted but i love her so will keep doing what i can to keep her stable. :+1:


Try again if you don’t hear soon. Volunteers usually man the desks and I’ve had minor issues in communications with them in the past. Good luck


I’m so sorry Irene, I know when I see kids I think about how my son was so wonderful when he was young and normal - I really miss that version of him.


Is there a hostel near by? They are a fraction of a hotel.


sorry, I have not replied until now.
things have become different here with more responsibilities for me - my sister is now travelling - a puppy to train and keep company, my mum to care for and a husband to keep.
she’s gone to a psychedelic festival for a week in Portugal, Boom.
with vague plans to cycle the Camino in France and Spain, she has bad feet.

she is as well placed to commit suicide as she has ever been
she has been back in touch with a man who has goaded her that she has been crazy enough to IN the laws eyes ‘harass him’
and was given a restraining order not to contact or go near him… the police were looking for her yesterday and interviewed me and my mum

I went to Switzerland 2 weeks ago - a chalet that is more similar to glamping in the forrest than a self catering whole residence for 11 nights total with stopovers.

There were then after we got back - 3 stressful days where my sister made plans, finalising the trip and what she was taking

she has been in touch the day she left telling me not to leave mum alone at night ‘at all’ in the next days and weeks due to her not being safe
i have already left my mum alone 4 nights and she has a glimmer of independence and is recovering bit by bit
I’m now horrified that we might get a knock in the middle of the night if i am not with my mum i wouldn’t forgive myself

Hope you have been able to get some rest and hope


@Kellyshayne no nothing like that around here. However if it was for a college student there are rooms available. Thank you though. :slight_smile:


Thank you Holly67, i will make another call to NAMI.


Pretty good! The doctor extended the court order to at least Oct. And my son is starting to get with the program a bit as the doctor is helping him see how the meds have made him less worried about the military watching him. And he is now towards the top of a waiting list for housing. The housing is for over 55 AND disabled I said. He’s starting to get that the disabled part can be to his advantage - at least with getting his own place for now. So not a bad day.


Oh and the doctor said that they’ve been getting some results from studies showing that smoking cbd has good effects with his “condition” but it has to have NO thc as that is no way good for his “condition”. Since my son is still smoking pot the doctor suggested to get the pot with the least amount of thc in it or none at all.


@hope Thanks for checking in. It went well. What I learned and it is not that great (good for us however) is that because he is on court ordered meds we kinda of get a go to the front of the line as far as getting appointments with the doctor goes. If he did not have that and was someone seeking help there is a three month wait! They have also closed the transition house he stayed at due to budget cuts. I am very sad about that as that really helped with the transition home and what it means now for people with little funds is they get rushed home or out to the streets. Of course, those with money can pay the 20K+ for the private transition homes.


I got up to visit my mom last week. It is so good that we have reached a point that I feel okay about going out of town for a while.

Now for something funny. My mom has a lot of craft supplies. Some were not even hers but were given to her and she didn’t know what to do with it all. I found out one of my coworkers has a family member who does creepy crafts with these, but I had to do a little prank before giving them away


Office fun- did he guess you had done it, well, once he started moving again.


I fessed up - my laughing probably made it obvious anyway!


Oh gosh, sounds like things are still full of worry for you. Restraining orders are serious business, violations here mean jail time. Sounds like to glamping was a good trip? I would love to be able to do something like that. I do hope that you and your mum get along OK and, well if your sister is travelling, I hope it goes well for her too.


How am I today? Shitty. I’m sick of being a caregiver and listening to the nonsense. I just want to be a normal person. My bucket is empty.