Tell us how you are today?


A friend asked if I might be able to repair her baby’s lovey, which was mauled by their puppy. The little guy is going to stay with friends for a week while parents go to see a very ill relative.

As I was driving home yesterday to do this reconstructive surgery, I was pulled over for speeding. The officer asked if I had some reason to be driving so fast. I told him I was hurrying home to repair a damaged baby lovey, and showed him the evidence.

He let me go with a warning.


Hello fleetingrose,
Your love for you father is perpetual, long lasting, continual and endless! What a wonderful daughter you are.
It sounds like (from your post) that you are alone with your father, that can be very trying and isolating. He depends on you alot and it’s hard to have boundries.
I’m glad you go to NAMI, it can be a helpful tool.
So glad you are here with us. We all suffer in different ways and can be compassionate with each other. We are here to listen. This group has brought me out of a very dark pit. I’m very grateful to you all.
Take care AnnieNorCal


You did a great job. Good for the officer to have some compassion.


My brother is loving boiled eggs lately! How funny.


Great job on the repairs! It looks brand new!
Glad you got away with speeding, too. There is no more noble a cause than providing a baby with some joy!

For myself,
The girlfriend has been struggling with feeling sort of down about things. Both in the relationship and in her own goals.
I remain enthusiastically supportive as always, but she needs a lot of reassurance that I love her and that she can achieve success for herself. I’d specify, but it really is the typical, usual stuff that’s eating her.
Fortunately, I’m still able to steer her back toward confidence and a positive outlook 99% of the time. She is always there for me when I need her in all the right ways. I just try to reciprocate.
We both try, that’s what matters!

I’m knee deep in the job hunt!
While I like my current job just fine, I’m trying to find something with less overtime and better medical benefits. It also wouldn’t hurt if I could by a house and build a garage to put a project car in.
Interviews are going really well, but there is so much disappointment. I nailed an interview for a job they couldn’t afford to hire anyone for, then I interviewed for a job that was already filled!
At least I am well practiced by now. The next interview tomorrow will be to work from home. Wouldn’t that be an absolute dream!?
As always I am definitely shy of being fully qualified. I make it a rule to only apply for jobs that I need to train up into on the job. It makes for a challenging interview and a rough first few months, but it feels like progress.
It’s good to know this employer is actually serious about filling the role. Now all I have to do is show them my awesome self!
But, I don’t let the things that don’t work out get me down. Even if they laugh me out of the office, I can keep pushing forward! The things in life that are most worth doing are the things that give us the most trouble.
I definitely have the tenacity to get where I want to be. I deserve to let myself try. Success is just a matter of consistency and time!


Feeling relaxed. My son asked to get an eye exam, and not surprisingly, he needs a new prescription.

I remember back 5 years, the last time he needed new glasses. Picking new frames what quite an ordeal, and took a lot of time and frustration.

Today he was able to select new frames within 30 minutes!


I apologise in advance for the way I’m about to trample in here with a lot of rattling excitement…

I landed the dream job I mentioned in my last post!
What a rush!
I’m trying not to let myself be swept up in celebration and self-congratulations. I already have about 20 hours of study material lined up to prepare myself for my new job, and there is much more I have to plan for. I have until just about the end of the month to sharpen my knowledge before I’m put in the hot seat, three weeks or so. If I study for at least an hour every work day and at least 4 hours every off day, I should be very well-educated on the fundamentals by the time I start the new job.
Of course, my girlfriend and my family are already working on pre-planning my time on my behalf! As if I will be free to travel and work to-do lists all week long, haha!
I am quick to remind them that I will likely have far less free time for at least the first 2 or 3 months. It’s looking like I will be locked away in my apartment working and studying for the foreseeable future.
But that’s a good thing!
This is what I need. No more weird shift schedule, no more nights and weekends full of mandatory overtime!
I will finally be able to wake up early, get work knocked out and use my own level of productivity to create time to do the things I want to do… Eventually.
As I said, more work is coming my way. It won’t be so intense for long, and I will get that precious quality time with loved ones that I yearn for. But I need to remain disciplined and organized in order to make that happen.

I have to throw out a thanks to the members here for being a great community of sympathy, advice, inspiration and support. Having better tools to become a better source of support to my brother has enabled me to focus on my career!

While many things in the Wreklus family remain somewhat disheveled, we are temporarily unified in pride and hope for the future in some key ways.
I endeavor to continue to be a better son, boyfriend, brother, worker and all around person.


@wreklus That is great news! Congratulations! Can you tell us what the job is? Is this the one working from home?


Congratulations, that is wonderful news!!!


Big Congratulations! Great news!


Thanks so much for the congratulations everyone!

This is in fact the work from home job.
I will be doing a more specialized type of Information Technology work, so called “Service-Oriented Architecture Administrator”. I will work with a team of engineers to develop and support software products that are custom-tuned to our customers’ needs.
I have zero experience doing almost any of that of that and will definitely be the most junior person on the team.
Fortunately, studying is going well so far.


Today I can finally let out a sigh of relief. My son had court today for a speeding ticket (from a year ago) and running from the police (last winter). He had missed his first court date and his father stood in for him for two others. End result - basically he was ordered to continue seeing his pdoc and taking the shot for another year. If he does that he is free and clear all charges dropped. He agreed to do this and we are all very glad the day in court over.

What was interesting to me was that this judge seemed really fair and did his best to give people who were having mental heath challenges a chance to restore themselves instead of going straight to jail. Several people were ordered to get mental health evaluations and seek treatment as part of staying out of jail.


DianeR, so glad to hear your son was ordered the Invega Sustenna injections for another year. I know you expected him to stop meds as soon as he was able. That would’ve been a nightmare. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief for having 12 more months of relative peace.


I know it’s not ideal to see your son in court, but I am glad to hear that the judge wanted him to have a fighting chance rather than just to punish him.


Your son’s chance to clear the charges is excellent. It sounds like the judge helped your son and you. I’m so glad for this.


Oh, I am sooo happy for you and your son. I remember the hell you were all going through not too long ago, what a great judge and a good decision on his part.

I am reminded @DianeR by your story of my daughter’s first (and only arrest). I went to court to tell the judge she was mentally unstable and not on treatment, to avoid having her only be jailed, but hopefully forced into treatment. The judge did order an evaluation, and she was immediately Baker Acted once released from jail. However, the hospital only kept her for 7 days, diagnosed her with “unspecified psychosis” and released her. There were no long term orders for treatment, and 3 subsequent Baker Acts by police have not resulted in treatment for her as she “is not dangerous to self or others” and can’t be force medicated unless I decide someday to stretch the truth badly to force commit her.

I applaud your son’s judge, and you too, for all your efforts to do whatever it took to save your son from his psychosis.


Kurt’s and judges seem more likely in 2018 to order treatment, if possible, for the mentally ill, rather than punishment NAMI and other groups have brought this issue up close today. I hope it continues in that direction.


Thank you so much. Yes, the people here have been very kind to me. It’s nice to know that there are others out ther who can relate.

Also, I’d like to give the Glory to God because I wouldn’t be able to love my Dad if it wasn’t for Him.


Thank you. I’m feeling a bit better today. Day by day.


@Day-by-Day @oldladyblue @Hereandhere @wreklus Thanks so much! I am so thankful it has worked out so well. Just to think less than 5 months ago he thought I was an imposter. We (his Dad and myself) even got high fives and a hug each! We both stood up for him at court that helped him out a lot. Yes and I am glad to have an uneventful (hopefully) year!