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Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice friends… I’ve realized that its not a dire emergency and I shouldn’t panic and call the police or force my dad into the hospital just yet… I would really hate for him to lose trust in me at this critical moment… He’s agreed to go to the doctor the 14th and we’ll try to go from there…

He’s just withdrawn and really down… But its not like 15 years ago when this situation was muccch mucch more bizarre and worse… I think he knows somethings going on and he’s handling it soo much better than last time.

I read the book by Dr. Xavier Amador (Im not crazy, I dont need help) and gave me some tools that I think really helped in talking to him…


I’m happy that things have calmed down for you and your Dad, and that he sticks to that date. Let us know how it goes.