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The happiest thing ever


What is the most happiest thing ever to receive: a picture, story, poem, my own pictures, pictures of nature.
Like will make a person with schizophrenia jump from happiness.
I have a website and for my friend I guess since he is not moving fast or shy, but I love him. And every day I surprise him with something new.
Thank you


For me, it’s a compliment. But it’s gotta be a compliment about something I’ve always been told the opposite about myself that I was insecure about that I worked on a lot…And then when I got the compliment the other day “You are very good with words” it was the best feeling ever.

I always got belittled that I look like people I don’t want to look like. Then some girl told me I looked like the main guy character in the Hunger Games and I smiled and laughed. Now she calls me it every time she sees me :smile: But compliments you’ve never heard before is what gets me.


Oh my gosh, I think you’re starting to fetishize schizophrenia! We are just people like everyone else. We do not have one uniform interest and identity. We are not projects to be fixed. We are human beings. You need to start showing us some respect, or you need to leave the forum.


Sorry, if you don’t ask, how would you know. I pretty much ask what I think.


No. You have been posting here constantly about "what would someone with sz like to hear? What would someone with sz want? How can I make my online friend marry me even though he cancels all my attempts to meet him? You have a mental illness fetish and it is creepy. We are not our disease. We are separate people who want separate things.


I was surprised last week too. He asked me to be with him trough this, and I am with him every single day, so please help me. Thank you


You should be asking him what he wants, not everyone is the same. We don’t all like the same stuff just because we have the same illness.


Thank you, I found what I wanted at least for now. At first I thought it’s easy.


Write a love poem for your Sz boyfriend who you want to marry, @murka

I’m a songwriter so here, I’ll help get you started-

You’re kind of a klutz, and a little nuts
But I love you just the same
I know you’re a putz, and like other girl’s butts
But I want to share your last name

So marry me, we’ll make history
Your past is none of my biz
Just stay on your meds, away from the Feds
And we’ll have a home and kids

Eh? Huh?? So whadda ya think??


For anyone with a daughter…


It hurts so very much at times to feel real, that it is actually the only thing that makes me feel real at all.


Sorry, but I think that the reason that you’re here so often asking how to make him love/“marry” you is that deep down, you know that he doesn’t.

There were times when I hated to be alone, too – when day-to-day stress was overwhelming. I leaned heavily on a couple of people at different times over the years who offered to help, even though I knew that they really wanted more.

They thought that my desire to have them near meant that I was in love, or that I might eventually “grow into” loving them back… But they were as naïve as I was secretly, unknowingly cold.

My feelings were shallow; I used them for comfort, for temporary distraction. My attention, my desire, was always focused on someone else… Some unreachable Love who made them all but insignificant in my eyes.

It took a long time for them to realize that they had to leave, to move on, if they wanted a real, adult and equal relationship.

For them, it was years wasted. Please, don’t waste your youth, your time.


A mocking bird that carries singing to an art. Some don’t. I always wonder when I never hear it anymore - was it someone’s meal. Life is fleeting.


It’s nice, big thank you.
Can you write something more beautiful, lyrical so he will lose the rest of his mind and do what I say:
Be strong, believe, exercise, eat and sleep well.



If you want, give your beau these lyrics to this song I wrote. It might help explain how you feel about him! :wink:

Where Have You Been All My Life

I was lost. On my own. A dead end sign swayed in my road.
I’d turn and toss. Until the light. Just trying to find that someone to hold.
Yeah. I’ve had my share, of cold and lonely nights.
Guess I never wanted what I never needed.
I knew you cared. Cause when I held you tight well
You gave me something that I could believe in.

You made me, say it…

Where have you been all my
Where have you been all my life.

You give me hope. A reason to stand.
There’s no need to question. I know who I am.
You’re making me true. Driving me mad.
You’re showing me the best days that I’ve ever had.
Call it fate. A lucky roll of the dice.
A guardian angel. A wish from a genie.
You’re in a place. Where every word defies.
You’re in every thought girl, you’re in every feeling.
Well baby…baby…

Where have you been all my
Where have you been all my life.

Well some look forever. For some maybe never.
They live for the moment, day by day.
But always treasure, our times together.
Cause you made me see it, you made me say it…

Where have you been all my life.


Beautiful dreams or deep rest. That’s what makes me happy. I’m tired out from all the brain stress, too much pressure hitting the nerves in my brain & auditory system, but I’m managing. Just really wish I could fully overcome my symptoms.


It sounds like Shakespeare
I need something beautifully simple like
Here is the door,
Here is the ring.
Now you pick.
And in reality. …
I think I am slowly letting it go,
You think he will let me,
Would he feel anything or don’t care at all…


Why don’t you ask him? None of us know him, so we can’t tell you what he wants to hear, what he likes, what will make him marry you, or what he will do.


Then play this for him, @murka

I’ve written two poems for you…and now this song. Oh well, at least I tried! :wink:


I did the whispering part,
May be that’s the happiest thing ever
At least for right now, eleven at night.
Thank you very much…
I’ll keep the poems