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The same thing over and over

After my brother has an episode he tends to repeat the same phrases throughout the day, such as “I am going to join the Navy” and “Can we get fast food again?” Even after we’ve discussed it with him he will continuously repeat the same thing a few minutes later. Does anyone else experience this? Before the illness he avoided junk foods and had no interest at all in the Navy, which he cannot do anyways due to his mental health. Now he just repeats stange conversations over and over again.

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My son used to hate the military - then had a few weeks or so where he said he should join.

Currently, he’ll say he’s Jesus and talk about religious things. We are not a religious family and he’s always been distrustful of organized religion to the point he would say he was an atheist.

I think it’s common for people with SZ who are having symptoms to get a little obsessive about things. They can’t get the thoughts out of their head, so that’s what they want to talk about. And, there’s some cognitive/memory problems too, so they may not always remember they just said something.

I just try to go with it and allow it to pass. Sooner or later, his mind will move on to something else.
For the fast food question, I’d just keep saying maybe later or maybe tomorrow or let’s see.

The Navy one is a lot harder, but I’d probably say something neutral like that’s could be interesting or do you want me to write you while you’re away?

You can probably use some of the same responses over and over.


It’s called perseveration and is sometimes part of the illness.


Thanks. The religion part is strange. My family has always had religion, but after my brothers illness he is pretty adverse to it. Seems he has the opposite problem…saying that his voices tell him he is the devil.

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I tell my son he’s not Jesus - and I know because I’ve known him his whole life.
Sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much, but it at least seems to reassure him a little.

Maybe that will help with your brother and the devil thing.

Saying he’s someone he’s not is the only thing I confront him on.
The rest, I just say as little as possible and let it work it’s way out of his system.
Eventually, he’ll be on to something else.

And, that’s my new psych word for the day.
I’ll add it to extra-pyramidal symptoms(tremors) and psycho-motor agitation (pacing).

It’s hard to say though - it keeps coming out as preservation for me.

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