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Theguardian - Clinical psychologist: I learn from my clients about what it is to be human


My job is unpredictable and dependent on the lives, experiences and challenges faced by my clients

Sunil Nandha
Friday 30 January 2015 08.30 GMT

On paper, the structure of my day as a clinical psychologist is reliable enough that I rarely write it down. In reality, though, it’s highly unpredictable; its true nature dependent on the lives, experiences, ambitions-realised and challenges faced by my clients since I last saw them. I travel to work hoping that the people I am due to see have had positive weeks.

I provide psychological therapy for people with psychosis, through south London and Maudsley’s (Slam) psychological interventions clinic for outpatients with psychosis (Picup). It hosts one of six national demonstration sites for improving access to psychological therapies for people with severe mental illness (IAPT-SMI), as part of the government’s plan to increase access to talking therapies.