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Thinking about hiring a caregiver for companionship


Hi everybody I am thinking about hiring a male caregiver for companionship and to take my son out…When my son first moved back home it seemed like he was a little more outgoing and met up with a few old friends and even walked over to say hi to neighborhood friends. Now he is not feeling comfortable being around his friends …I am thinking on hiring a young caregiver to maybe taking him out once a week . Does anybody have any tips/suggestions or experiences?


I think let him build the motivation himself to go out…


I hope you don’t mind me posting here…

I think that’s a good idea. There was a period where I avoided people who knew me before my break. A brief chat on the phone was Ok… but I just didn’t want to see them… actually… I didn’t want them to see me… see that I changed so much. I’d over think it and get myself all amped up.

I do find I’m much more at ease around new people who didn’t know me before my break… and definitely didn’t know me during and shortly after. New people can only take me as I am… in the here and now.

Good luck and I hope you idea works…


i have had this idea so many times-and it`s a good one.
The only thing is–your son has to want that!


Thank for the tips and input …Yes it is true he has to want it…I just want him to have a little socializing with others than just with me…