This is what i actually find about gaming,what about your thoughts?


i recently got addicted back to gaming and was playing like 8 hr on sunday and 4 hr on saturday night…it has maybe has some effect on my recent social isolation…i need to completely stop this,i play FIFA 14 online,which means i challenge someone in Real life,it is really very addictive and you cant care less to go to sleep and just wanna play

I hope i can control this gaming issue


Maybe try setting time limits on how long you can play. Set an alarm or stop watch. Give yourself 2-4 hrs of play time with the condition that once that time is up you have to do “___” before you can play anymore. I actually do things like this to break up my time on here. I have to do the dishes before I post another article :wink:


It’s to late! There is no escaping fifa, it’s just to good!

Many have tried to get out of it, and all have failed.


You too play it?lol…


I used to love fifa, what a bad ass game that was, i can only imagine how incredibly good it’s gotten.


Oh boy. I used to play gears of war 3 and mass effect 3 for entire weekends. Be careful, yeah its competitive and fun, but it’s addictive and its not real, youre staring at a screen twiddling your thumbs after all.

Bird Doge of Shibe


thanks doge


I was addicted to Everquest for a few years. The only way out for me was to stop playing completely. Try to replace the game with something else to occupy your time.

thanks doge