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Today I took the next step

Hi everyone,

Today I did something that I’m still questioning if it was the right decision or not
I sent through forms to the mental health for an involuntary assessment for my brother. I’m so scared that when they come out he will act normal and lose it at me once they leave.
Why is it so hard to do this
Am I making the right decision for him?
He is so delusional but that is all it is just delusions right now
He presents well, goes to gym, works, gets weekly haircuts
But is so lost in his delusions
I’ve posted on here a few times about him thinking my family has his ‘cure’ and about us holding his non existent kids back from him. He got really bad yesterday and was extremely angry about it all. When he is in that headspace nothing he says makes any sort of sense
I’m sooo so so scared and I don’t know if i have don’t the right thing by getting authorities involved… should I have just waited for the olanzapine to kick in he has gone from 10mg to 30mg last week

If your brother doesn’t pose a potential threat to himself or others, you might reconsider. I know how difficult it can be to deal with someone with delusions, yet it sounds like he is still functioning okay.

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@Gth - You did the right thing. They will assess him and determine if he needs help. I read on here once not to let the one with the MI run the show. You are brave to do that, hopefully this will get him more help. What Country/State are you in. What are his delusions? I can’t recall.

I’m sorry you are in a situation where you are scared. If he gets angry with you that would be a threat to you and you can seek help. You can also repeat that you love him if he gets upset. Just an idea.

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The first time I involved authorities, I was very very hesitant. I then had to do it again, many times. It got easier each time there was a crisis. Sometimes the evaluation goes well, sometimes it doesn’t. Out of dozens of times authorities came to my home, only 4 times was she hospitalized. Her anger at me for calling the authorities usually dissipated quickly. You must do what you feel is best. It is hard to try to force someone to get treatment, but often is necessary. In my state, forced treatment can only be initiated when there is aggression toward self or others when those evaluating can see it occurring. Don’t be hard on yourself, you are trying to help him. You may have to repeat getting the gov’t involved. I hope you can stay strong and safe.