Totally barricaded in the house and I am locked out


@DianeR Parents at support group have described this kind of event as the hardest thing they have ever done. I think you are making a good choice to not be there.


Keeping you and your son in my thoughts today. Hope it goes as smoothly as it can.


I will be there. I will offer to go in (dought they’ll let me) I’m just not going to watch them drag him out. I should be ok. I believe it’s the days after that will hit me hard, especially if there is yelling and/or I witness rough parts. Then if he gets out after 3 days, where he goes, if I have to evict him - he could end up homeless. But I need to think of one step at a time. Fortunately I have 3 places I can stay this month if needed.


Actually, I’m pretty stressed, but it’s for the best. Fingers crossed it goes as best as it can. Thanks you guys for all your support!


Can you call your sister back and have her come over to be with you?

This is really tough stuff.


I can but I think the less people the better. She’ll be on call.


@DianeR Stay very calm and still, they will be wary of you causing issues and may overreact to any movement on your part.


When it comes down to it, my son has always gone without struggling against it. Tho he might melt down at the hospital.


You are so right, one step at a time.


Wishing for the best possible outcome for you and your dear son. :heartpulse:


Prayers and thought are with you. Hopefully he will be getting the help he needs and somewhere not too far away you will be able to have a sensible conversation with him again.


Good luck Diane. Please try not to feel too bad. You really have no other choice. Maybe your son,on some level, wanted to force some kind of “showdown.” I hope all goes well! We are all here for you🌹 (Poor kitty😿)


Woke up thinking about you, @DianeR. Hoping and hoping for you both.


Thanks folks. There were about 12 cops here and a negotiator. They ended up breaking the glass sliding door(glass everywhere) by accident and one of the cops got taken in the ambulance. They got my son out front who yelled at them and then yelled ouch ouch (I covered my ears) and asked for his mom. I went up to him and he said “that’s not my mom, it looks like her but it’s not her”. Don’t worry I know that is the disease. So off he went and his father is going to the hospital to check on him now while I clean up his room and take his things to storage. Hopefully, they will keep him longer than Monday. I think it went as best as it could. He didn’t get injured at all. Thank you for all your support.


Thank you for the update. What a relief for you all. I hope the cop is Ok.

I think you can feel pretty confident he’ll be hospitalized for a good while.

Now breathe and rest. It’ll be OK.


Big sigh of relief here. Hoping everything goes forward in a positive manner for you and your son. Wish I lived close enough to come and help you move.


Aside from the injured cop, this sounds like it went about as well as possible. Hopefully, your son will receive excellent medical treatment.

I know you want to do this alone, but maybe one of your friends or your sister could help you pack, clean, and move. It might even be a time to play some of your favorite music and lip sync or dance together… Dance around a table like in a chick flick! I don’t know what would help you relax…

I’m very relieved your son’s medical condition is being evaluated.



Make sure to treat yourself well while he is hospitalized, and remember he is in the best place for him. I witnessed my daughter being taken 3 times, and couldn’t relax in my quiet home afterwards: worry, worry, worry. It is best not to worry. The 4th time I am the reason she was taken, I called at the appropriate time. Each time, she got better. And so did I. I can’t say she got well, but there is a “new normal” now, and it works.

Be kind to yourself. You did the right thing.


This is actually really good news. I’m rooting for you and your son! You’ve been in this by yourself for so long. I hope the medication really changes the picture for the better. Hope you have the needed support for the move.


These are the one’s that it is difficult for me to read, been there 7 times, and never ever want to go there again! My prayers and thoughts are with you @DianeR We are a strong bunch here on this forum, and you have so many people here who care. Take care of yourself, and I will be hoping, with you, that your son’s stay is longer, and that he gets exactly the help he needs.