Totally barricaded in the house and I am locked out


Not to worry I take nature walks almost every day and I have some wine : ) My son is now in a short term 15 bed facility here in town. We’ve brought him food and clothes. He did not want to see me today HOWEVER he called me and asked me about his things. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t having his car towed away. He sounded good (almost like normal), he is not on meds as far as I know. The conversation was the longest we’ve spoke in about a year. So that is progress! I don’t think he’ll be out soon as I have a feeling we’re going to have to have the medication court ordered. I also spoke to 2 nurses (one his) for about 20 - 25 minutes.


His Dad has been helping a lot. Helped with advice and went to the hospital several times and is taking care of the court end of things. He also helped clean up all the broken glass which I am still finding everywhere. At least we are partnering well this time!


Nice to read your positive news, thinking of you.