Understanding Schizoaffective Disorder Free webinar

This free one-hour seminar includes information on causation, risk factors, treatment options, and ways to cope if you or a loved one have been diagnosed.

Eventbrite has several other Mental health fee Webinar seminars you may be interested in.

I wanted to share this with the group as I know the more information and education we have with this illness the more empowered we become as caregivers.


Thanks @Mojoclay . Good to hear from you. How are you?

hi @oldladyblue Im doing well. Taking a class this weekend from Grief share.com in “How to survived the holidays”. Im trying to walk this new path the best way I can. I hope you’re doing well.


Glad to hear @Mojoclay that you are taking classes and navigating your new path as best you can. Life has so many unwanted twists and turns, making the most of what you can do to make it happier is so very important.

I am doing well, I am now one year post breast cancer surgery, treatments after surgery were hell for me, but I made it through, and have no evidence of the disease anymore. My daughter continues to do well, is still on her meds and still working (now 2.5 years at her current job). My husband got a DUI and is on an alcohol monitor, so thankfully no alcohol abuse going on right now to disturb the peace in my home. My hobbies have kept me happy.


Thanks for info. I’ve registered.

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Thats amazing. I hope you continue to heal. So glad to hear about your daughter !
Ill keep my my fingers crossed and pray that the hubs keeps away from the alcohol.
I also have some fun hobbies that have kept me happy , its so important.
Best wishes to you girl !

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That’s a lot to endure!!! I’m glad you made it through the harsh treatments and that your daughter is doing well and taking her meds, your story makes us have hope; even when you can’t control what others do and certainly adds up to one’s concern I hope your husband turns away from the temptation of alcohol. I have not experienced what you have all at once and from what I perceive with my lens I can say that you are very resilient. May God bless you always.
Take care.
Hugs from me.